For the next “umpteen” days, I’ll be giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red. Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to Stephanie Brockman, winner of yesterday’s prize – a free Redlegs Run 5k entry!

Today’s prize is a 2012 Votto Pick-4 Ticket Plan, courtesy of the Reds ticket sales department.

If you’re interested in winning this prize, tell me why in the comments section below.  One winner will randomly be chosen and announced tomorrow here on BOR.

And remember, if you didn’t win, we have more prizes coming up in the next “umpteen days.” 

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Been going to Reds games since 1971 and would love to win, good luck
to everyone.

Like all of those who have posted, i am a Red’s fan. I am a retired teacher and coach from Harrisonburg, Va. who has followed the Reds since the early 50’s(The days of Temple to McMillan to Klu). It is a 7hr. plus drive to Cincinnati. I try to get there at least once and to Pittsburg and Washington when the Reds are on the road.Joey Votto is among my favorite all-time red’s players. You would be surprised how many Red’s fans are to be found in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Thanks for “Better Off Red” and the Reds are going to have a “great” 2012.

My wife would freak if we won these tickets.

You got-to like Votto!!

I should win because attending Reds games is my wifes favorite thing to do. I have been a life long fan, but in the past 10 years she has become addicted to watching our Reds. This would give us some much needed family time together in the summer months.

I’m not sure why this post says by Eugene Hamblin but this is Spencer C. Moody’s post just throwing that out there. I think the server got confused.

Just kidding I was confused ignore these posts Jamie :)

The Reds games I went to this year were some of my most enjoyable games ever. I would love to go to many more great games.

I want to give my husband free Reds tickets for Christmas!

Of course I deserve these tickets! The Reds are awesome!

Wow! We have a family of 4 (my hubby, 11 year old son, 7 year old daughter & me!) As BIG Reds fans, these tickets would be used and much appreciated. We love our Cincinnati Reds, and try to drive down from Lima several times each season. Thanks!

I deserve to win this because I have to deal with stupid Cubs fan all year round just because I live in Northwest Indiana!! I insist every day that the Reds are better, I need these tickets so I can go to the game, film parts of the Reds beasting it up, then post it on every Cubs fans Facebook page.

I would love to win these reds tickets, because very summer going to reds games is what my father and I do. Even if we are not able to go to a game we watch every single game on T.V. Not kidding EVERY single game. But sitting in the seats at the stadium watching the team just makes it so much better, and it is something my father and I really enjoy doing togather.

I would love to win the Votto 4-Pack because in the summer going to Reds games is my very favorite thing to do! And now that I finally have summers off (just got my first school job! woo!) I can go to even more!

My wife and I are big fans of Joey Votto and even bigger fans of the Cincinnati Reds. We would love to have the Votto 4-Pack. Our kids would love to go too.

I would love to win these tickets because as a die hard Reds fan I try to go to as many games as I can in a season, but because I only work part time I can’t always afford to go.

I’ve recently taken up playing “bobblehead” baseball and I need a first baseman. I can’t think of a better first baseman than Joey Votto. He is the 2010 NL MVP and a Gold Glove Winner! Of course, I’d take actual people to the games with me, not my beloved bobbleheaded team. Probably my roommate and her Dad since they always share their weekday season tickets with me and I never have the ability to repay them in any way. It would also give me a chance to pickup managing tips from the great Dusty Baker for, you know, that bobblehead baseball team. (BTW, what position does Burt play?)

I live in a home with a basement that cannot be finished because our’s has water problems. I own an awesome Cincinnati Reds collection that has nowhere to go. My collection resides in countless Tupperware Jumbo Tubs. I am a man caveless man. I need the Vooto 4 pack to ease my tourtured mind. Pick me. PLEASE pick me!

Lots of good comments from everyone on here. I’m not worthy more than anyone else. That said, pick me! pick me! pick me!

I had the privilege of attending over 40 games during the 1975 and 1976 Big Red Machine years. Our family (my dad, mom, sister and I) all attended and that’s when I grew to really be a Red’s fan. Now, 26 years later, I’m hoping to re-establish this tradition with my family (wife, son and daughter) since we’ve moved back closer (we live in Lexington, KY now, but used to live in Kansas City). They already are Red’s fans (I’m too big a fan for them not to be!), but my hope is that these four games will allow my wife and I to continue to instill in our kids respect for the game as they embrace a whole new generation of Reds players, with the hope that one day they too can carry on the tradition.

Not sure if I’m too late, but I’m a huge Reds fan that tries to make at least a handful of games each year. My wife and I were hoping to take our daughter to her first Reds game this year, so I’ve been planning to purchase a 4-pack. It would be even better to get picked for this!

I would love a Votto 4-pack for Christmas! Last season, I drove from Columbus to Cincinnati (and back) for FIVE games. Plus, I wanted the Votto MVP bobblehead so bad last season that I bought a ticket for that game, even though I had a prior commitment, just so my friend (who was going to the game) could exit and re-enter to get me a Votto MVP bobblehead! Maybe we can guarantee my 2012 Votto bobblehead a little easier this season?…

As that friend, I’m disappointed you didn’t get your comment posted in time.

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