For the next “umpteen” days, I’ll be giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red.  Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Friday’s winner of the mascot visit is Rachel Wyrick!

Today, I’m giving away a goodie bag donated by the Reds Community Fund.  The very nice bag (pictured below) contains a Reds Community Fund polo shirt and cap, a Mr. Redlegs golf club cover and the book Game Six signed by author Mark Frost.

To win this most excellent prize, leave a comment below explaining why you deserve it.  One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced tomorrow on BOR.

Try back tomorrow as the Umpteen Days of Christmas continues!  And please know that no matter what holiday you celebrate this month, BOR celebrates it too!


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I should get this prize pack because I just had surgery & it would really cheer me up! Also? I’m am completely awesome & I’m from Hamilton just like Jamie!!!

Why should I win this . . . that book is on my wish list and I would really love to get it. I love all things Reds and got loads of stuff when I was in Cincy, but couldn’t get everything! That bag looks awesome! And I love this blog and these contests are so much fun, though I don’t really have the best luck at them. 🙂

Hi Jamie! I don’t know that I necessarily deserve to win the wonderful prize more than the next Reds lovin’ gal, but it would sure be a great way to help our family celebrate the Umpteen Days of Christmas! Our family of 4 roots for the Reds, and I have developed a reputation at school (I am a 3rd grade teacher in the Lima City Schools) for being the biggest Reds fan/baseball fan – borderline fanatic – around! I have introduced many friends to your awesome blog and have turned many of them on to your Twitter account, too. Thanks, and enjoy your holiday!

I believe I deserve this Redstacular gift so I can continue to be the best ambassador the Reds have in Southern Illinois!! I am an elementary teacher in Southern Illinois, which in case you are not sure where that is, about 90 miles from the heart of St. Louis!! My classroom is decorated completely in Reds! The nice people in Arizona hooked me up with a yearly supply of Reds reader bookmarks that I give away to all students in our school when they make their reading goal! I make little treat bags at Christmas time for all my Cardinal teacher friends (and I use that term loosely) and always include one of the cute PNC mascot ornaments! I plaster our PE teachers door with all kinds of Reds facts and even did the cutest whiny birds on a bat logo and add…GOT ALBERT! They didn’t like that so much…I personally thought it was 6 past cute! I guess Cardinal fans have no sense of humor if they are loosing!! So you can only imagine what my classroom door looked like during the playoffs and into the world series…I had so many damn rally squirrels and GOT Rings signs all over my door! 2 years ago was flippin’ Redstacular as I was constantly putting the central standings on their door just to keep them updated…but this year hurt me big time….. As I posted I was going to REDSFEST I received horrible comments from the STL fans asking if Cincinnati was even going to field a team this year, Joey who? things like that…I try to be the best ambassador the Reds have by wearing my jerseys to school, having Rosie and Mr. Redlegs clings on my classroom windows, always sporting my Reds bags….showing them how nice Reds fans truly a…thinking if I am able to get the kids before they have been Cardinal brainwashed by their parents…then the Reds fan base will increase and slowly we will inherit the EARTH…one bag, or golfclub cover at a time!!

I would love to have that stuff because I love Reds stuff. I was a volunteer at RedsFest and didn’t get a chance to buy anything. Go Reds!!!

I would love this Reds gear because I’m just about this only Reds fan in this small town in SW Kansas! I love to display and show my support for the mighty RedLegs!!! You want to know how much I love Reds baseball, go to my website, click on “staff” and check out “Pastor Shane Lester”

Of course I deserve these prizes! Because well, I’m just awesome!

I would love to win this prize! I have two daughters, 3 and 4, who just love to play with bags! My wife wants a Reds polo shirt for Christmas and I am an avid golfer who would cherish the Reds headcover (although my golfing skills are nowhere near the talent level of THE Marty Brenneman!). I am a lifelong fan of the Redlegs living in Panama City, FL. I converted my wife to the Reds when we met (she was a Cubs fan, no less!). We got engaged at GABP and attended a Sarasota Reds game on our wedding day! AND, we are looking forward to welcoming the Blue Wahoos to the Reds family next season!!!

Jamey, we had a great time at Redsfest and i was a pleasure meeting you. My entire family are big Reds fans and they all have been wanting Reds items for Christmas. It would make their Christmas great to be able to give these items to them. Thanks.

I deserve this prize because I’ve been a Reds fan for some 50 years. I go to 8 games a seaso driving from Lexington, Ky. Plus have you have to be amazed to find an old guy like me following the Reds on blogs and Twitter.

I deserve the prize, because I loved reading varios books about the 1975 Reds that made me understand the rich tradition of the Reds franchise.

Jamie– I don’t deserve this, but my friend and co-worker past away October 24th. He was a couple weeks shy of his 35th (Nov 3rd) birthday. He left behind 3 sons and a wife. His boys are 10,9, and 5. He past away a few days before his middle son’s 9th birthday. Willie shared a love for baseball with his boys. Although he was a Yankees fan, his boys cheered on the Reds. My co-workers and I have adopted his boys for Christmas. I know they’d enjoy these Reds items along with the other things we get them.

I’ve been a Reds fans since I was ten years old. Unfortunately for me, that was a long time ago. I have season tickets and could use the prize to take stuff to and from the games next year.

I’ve been a Reds fan for 35 years, but being unfortunate enough to have been born in NY and having to remain here, finding Reds swag was extremely difficult until shopping on the internet became popular. Even with that, however, I miss out on the chance to walk into a random store and and find a random item with a Reds logo slapped on it. I need all the Reds gear I can get my hands on so I can spread the message in the heart of Yankee$ territory. That, and I tweeted with the #HatsOffCin hashtag several hundred times when we were trying to win the contest! Thanks for reading. Go Reds!

I should win this because every time I walked by the BOR booth at redsfest to say hi… Mr. Ramsey was no where to be found.. Or he was interviewing / game playing with someone…😦

Also, I always get the right answer f

Silly phone….

I always get the right answer on the weekly contests and never get chosen😦

Although I have lived just outside Kansas City for the past seven years, I was born and raised as a Reds fan in Dayton, OH. My love for the Reds has only gotten stronger since moving to KC, and I try to showcase my dedication to the team every chance I get. I am currently a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and I always find a way to incorporate the Reds in to every project that is assigned to me. For example, I have taken several web design courses as elective credits, and my website is 95% Reds related (check it out by following the link found in the “Website” field below). However, I cannot think of a better way show my love for the team than by carrying the bag shown above around campus … while also wearing the Reds polo, of course.

This page is an image gallery dedicated to the 2010 Reds roster:

i dont deserve to win no more then anyone else does . but if i win that would be pretty cool

I have recently moved to North Carolina and I need some Reds gear to help combat all the Braves hats I see.

AHHHH!!! YAY! THANK YOU JAMIE!! And if anyone wants to come to the dinner to help that night or see the mascot, feel free!!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think Ryan should get it. It would be a great Christmas gift for Willie’s boys.

WOW! Jamie you are really a busy little elf these days!! While I’d love to have that grab bag of Red Goodness, I’m going to side with Jeff on this one…..Ryan!! Thanks Jamie and I hope the blessings of Christmas are just filling your heart friend!!🙂

We love the Umpteen days of Christmas! We also love what the Reds Community Fund does too. What a great part of the Reds organization.

I deserve to win this because I have to deal with stupid Cubs fan all year round just because I live in Northwest Indiana!! I insist every day that the Reds are better, let me get this gear so I can show my support as well!

I deserve it because I live for the Reds. I have a 10 year old son who is the same way. We both live and breathe Reds baseball. If I win I would share the gift with my son. We love being Reds fans and love the Reds. I also deserve it because I’ve been doing my part to get @paulpetera to become a Reds fan. I hope he joins our happy family soon!

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