On a day that saw free agent baseball players sign big money contracts with new teams, I was made aware of a free agent fan who wasn’t looking for anything other than a new team to root for.

Below is a letter written by Mr. Paul Petera from Omaha, NE.  As you’ll see from his letter, Paul was a long-time fan of the Houston Astros but is now searching for a new team to root for, beginning immediately. The news of the Astros transitioning to the American League has left Paul, a National League supporter, “disenfranchised.”

If Paul is looking for a new National League team to root for, I can’t think of one better than baseball’s first professional ball club – the Cincinnati Reds.

Reds fans are loyal, smart and passionate. I’ve got a feeling Paul would fit right in. Perhaps I should remind him that becoming a fan now will make it extra sweeter for him when the Reds win the World Series in 2012.

So if you Reds fans would like to help me in recruiting Paul, follow him on Twitter at @paulpetera and send him a tweet encouraging him to become a Reds fan. Include the hashtag, #RedsforPaul and let’s show him why Cincinnati fans are the best in baseball!



YEAAAAHHH PAAULL!!!!!! Reds are for sure the team you should choose to root for

I absolutely love that he not only wrote up this letter, but also sent it out! Thanks for sharing, Jamie…It’s an easy choice Paul, pick the Reds!🙂

Very nice to see other loyal National League fans out there. Go Reds Go!

The Reds would be happy to have Paul join in the fun. We have the best fans around!

Well bring Paul into the Reds fandom fold. Try it out Paul, you’ll love the Reds.

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