The 2012 Winter Meetings have all but concluded for me, personally. We wrapped up the PR Meetings this afternoon and followed it up with the annual Managers Luncheon. During lunch I was flanked by Dusty Baker on one side and John Fay on the other. Quite a pairing. 

The Managers Luncheon invites each team’s media relations group and club beat writers.  So in addition to Fay,’s Mark Sheldon joined my colleague Larry Herms, Dusty and myself.  Like last year, we shared a table with our Ohio brethren – the Cleveland Indians, including tribe skipper Manny Acta and my good friend, Bart Swain (Indians media relations man).  Bart and I were kicking around the idea of possibly going to tonight’s My Morning Jacket concert in Dallas.

The above photo of the National League managers was snapped at today’s luncheon.

It was nice to catch up with Dusty.  He’s anxious to get back home to California to see his family and to do some hunting.  We chatted about Redsfest, the caravan, college basketball and his wine orchards.  He’s recovering from a wrist injury but otherwise he says he’s feeling good and looking forward to the 2012 season.

Lots of Pujols talk today and yesterday.  I have a feeling on how it’s going to shake out but even if I’m wrong, it sounds like King Albert is going to be a very wealthy man, regardless.

Tommy Lasorda and Kirk Gibson (and others) seen chatting in the lobby.  Dennis Eckersley was not present.

One of the popular topics that have come from my world of the Winter Meetings this week has been the new dress code policy for baseball media.  Basically, MLB is asking writers and broadcasters to look somewhat professional when in the clubhouse, pressbox and on the field.  So Mark Sheldon is no longer to permitted to wear really short skirts and John Fay is going to have to choose shirts with sleeves when covering the Reds this season at Great American Ball Park.

Above: Sheldon, Mike Vassallo and Fay

My photo of Vassallo getting his shoes shined was prominently displayed during today’s PR meetings.  It provided a nice moment of comic relief…

Above: Mike’s shiny shoes

I’ll have more stuff later.  I hope you’re all doing well.  I appreciate you logging on.  Thanks a bunch.

Expect good news,



Sounds like a good day then!

I would love to have a day like that with some of the best minds in baseball.

Sheldon looks like he’s 75 years old – tell him to get some sleep … and dye his hair.

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