Redsfest is just a couple of days away and I’m very excited to see all of you!  I hope you stop by the Better Off Red booth and say hello.  We’re going to have lots of cool guests, fun games and good times. 

Reds minor league prospects Tucker Barnhart and Ryan LaMarre will kick things off in the BOR booth on Friday with a game of “Win, Lose or Draw.”  Sam LeCure will then be by for a game of “Moustache Trivia.” 

The BOR booth will host several guests throughout the day on Saturday, including Mike Leake, Yonder Alonso and Billy Hamilton – all are scheduled to take on fans in the classic game “Password.” 

Much to his chagrin, “Mercury” Marty is slated to appear in the Better Off Red booth Saturday to show off his TMZ knowledge in a game of “Pop-Culture Trivia.” 

Barnhart and LaMarre will return to the BOR booth Saturday for a rematch of “Win, Lose or Draw.”

I’ll be tweeting times for these appearances, so follow me on Twitter by clicking on the “Follow” button on the right sidebar of this page. 

One thing I’d like to mention about the BOR booth – I’d prefer it to be autograph-free for the players who stop by.  Meaning, our guests will be signing autographs all day.  They’re stopping by the Better Off Red area to take a break from signing and to meet folks who don’t go through the autograph lines.  So, if you’re stopping by the booth, I’d appreciate your consideration in this matter.  With that being said, Lisa Braun and I will sign anything you want!   


Are you having the furniture again? Be sure to ask Marty if his watch is a real Rolex.

Have FUN,

The fact that people are paying to attend this dog and pony show.. shouldn’t they be allowed to ask a player for an autograph if they run into them? I personally don’t collect autographs, I don’t cherish any other man’s scribble, but I see why a guy and his kid would want one if they shelled out $25 to walk around a convention center. Especially with the ‘hope you are in the right spot’ when they announce so you can be one of the first 200 in line nonsense. It’s pretty effortless to sign something and it really does make the day of the fool getting the autograph.

I will say that I understand why he doesn’t want people to ask for players autographs while they are at his booth…the players (most of them) probably wouldn’t want to come if they know they are going to be hounded the whole time for autographs. On another note…I do wish Votto was going to be more available. Last year my 8yr old son and I stood over by the kids auto. lines waiting for his name to pop up…once it did…we were literally in a mob…I am not exaggerating one bit. We were in the middle of 100’s of people and they were pushing and shoving…by the time we made it to the actual line we had been pushed back so much that we missed getting his autograph by one person. We were # 201. They had to get 2 Cincinnati Police Officers to come over and stand …they told my son and I to stand there and maybe Joey would sign for a few more people. So we stood in that same spot squished …for 2 hours. When he got done with the last person he got up and walked away. It was pretty discouraging….we had actually been there at the right time/place but I wasn’t willing to push my way ahead like most of the others…so we missed out. My son took it better than me…he was sad, but I was sad that he got that close and didn’t get it. I realize that is the way it is at Redsfest, but I am hoping that things will be a little different this year…that was unsafe. The Police Officers actually said they were going to talk to someone about it. Hopefully they did.

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