Welcome back to normality!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  It’s now time to go from “feast” to “Fest.”  Redsfest happens THIS weekend! 

Over the break Better Off Red asked for you to submit your Redsfest-themed haikus for a chance to win four (4) tickets to this weekend’s Redsfest.  Who knew you were all a bunch of Shakespeares?  Check ’em out…

Reds-season’s Greetings,
All I want for Christmas is…
Free Redsfest tickets!
Diane Menger

Making dreams come true,
One autograph at a time.
Redsfest fantasies!
Sara Middendorf

Autographs, pictures
Of players past and present.
Red-made memories.
Gary Middendorf

Off-season withdrawal,
Anticipation building,
Reds-fix at Redsfest!
Erin Middendorf

Make the Baker quake
Hear what Jockety has planned
Votto, Bruce on hand
Monica Gorman

See Stubbs, Bruce, Chapman,
Go Votto, Phillips, Bronson…
’11 Redsfest!!!
Michael Gorman

Come Votto, Phillips,
See Yonder Reds fans Galore
Bronson, Cueto, Bake…r
Sharon Gorman

All-Stars of the Reds
Gather in one place each year
Come see at Redsfest!
Chris Martin

I enter RedsFest Tickets Contest
BOR makes a choice
Can it be me

BOR has a contest
I send e-mail to win free Redsfest tickets
Hope springs eternal to win
Bob Riley

Mr. Red presides
Over Reds fans young and old
Together Again
Cathy Breen

Mister Red is back!
Redlegs is moustachioed.
Rosie conflicts me.
Josh Shortt

No money have we
For Jamieblog to go see
Free tickets a must

Red’s withdrawals? Here:
Come to Redsfest. December
Second and the third
Kevin Wood

spring is nowhere near
baseball cant wait till next year
Redsfest time is here
Dan McVey

My niece loves Bronson.
My nephew loves Cordero.
RedsFest? Their aunt rules!
Alicia Brummett

Redsfest is the best
autographs are what we need
smiles we all would have

Surrounded by Reds
Tradition and lore abound
I feel I am home
Jon L.

Kids fill green fields,
Long Red lines wait patiently –
Starting the season.
Tom Davis

It resembles Piper’s Pit
See Jamie See Burt
Adam T.

Redsfest is real nice.
I might even say it twice.
Redsfest is real nice.
Chris Lewis

we rally round them reds
readlegs and baseball head
all better off red
Tim Collins

It’s time for Redsfest
Players and fans excited
This is Reds country
Jason McKendree

It exists because
we all wish that Reds baseball
lasted all winter.
Britton Dove

Reds fest here at last
get some pics see the players
autographs  fans win
Tony Swartz

A fest with the Reds
All the greats, both old and new
What more could you ask?

Helps Charity Growth
Players, Games, and Souvenirs
Heaven for Reds Fans
Amy McHargue

Better off dead? No.
Better off Red, Jamie said.
I, for one, agree.
Oliver Starks

and the winner of 4 Redsfest tickets is…

Fonzies’ Redsfest plan:
Why wait in autograph lines?
Hang in Jamie’s lounge
Rodger Pille

Congratulations, Rodger.  Nice work!


And speaking of winners, the “Red Friday” winner of a brand new Better Off Red limited edition t-shirt and a DVD copy of “Let’s Get Ready to Win” is…

Kara, who wrote: My husband is a huge Reds fan. We just had twins 3 weeks ago (and have a 23 month old too).  He is really down right now with the craziness that is life with 2 newborns and 3 kids under 2 in diapers. No sleep is no fun. It would really cheer him up to have an awesome BOR shirt and the amazing DVD. We are both followers of your blog and love to talk Reds with each other, when we get the rare chance.


For those of you who didn’t win today, sit tight and keep your head up.  I’ll be giving away something very cool today in recognition of “Cyber Monday.”  Also, the Umpteen Days of Christmas are right around the corner, so keep it here on Better Off Red

Thanks so much to all of you who continue to log on and support the blog (and the Reds).  It’s greatly appreciated.

Expect good news,


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Thanks for the chance!! I will say this contest was a challenge for me!! I think I made it harder than I should have…but it was fun and I learned something! I homeschool my kids…so I think they will be learning how to do this…heehee! We will get to Redsfest one way or the other…we haven’t missed a year yet!

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