Time to paint “Black Friday” red…

Many of you are starting your holiday shopping today.  Perhaps Better Off Red can help with a couple of gifts…

I’m giving away a brand new limited edition Better Off Red t-shirt and a DVD copy of “Let’s Get Ready to Win.”

Using the “comments” section below, tell me why these would be perfect holiday presents for you or your loved one.

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first they are cool shirts i would wear it proudly second im huge redlegs fan and finally ive never won anything in my life. go reds

i want it so my dad dont win it. and i love the reds to.

The gift would have to be for me, since I don’t know any other Reds fans in person. I have been a loyal Reds fan since the 80’s, in a place where I always had to defend my team against all of the Yankees, Mets, and Phillies fans in my midst. I suffered through a 22-1 loss in Philly (though only a few innings). But I have seen in person: Eric Davis hitting 3 homers in a game in Philly, Reggie Sanders stealing home against the Mets, and 2 of the games when the Reds came to Yankee Stadium in 2008, amongst many other great memories from my local stadiums (and hopefully at least 1 against the Yanks next year). I am a big enough fan to have flown to Cincinnati to finally see my Reds at home this past September. And if I get this DVD, I can finally delete it from my DVR!

I have one of the first BOR shirts that I won & I would love to add this one to the collection. The DVD is a bonus. I really want that shirt!

Nothing would be better. Big fan!

Ever since I moved to Cincinnati I have immersed myself in all things Reds!!! I have only missed one opening Day in 6 years and even went this year very pregnant to make sure my daughter felt what it was like. I’ve been trying all season to win a BOR shirt so I can let the world know its the only color to flaunt!!! And the DVD is the added bonus!!!

The shirt would be a great present to give because it is 1.) the most comfortable shirt EVER – I know from experience, dude (in Chris Farley voice), 2.) it has that B.A. “Redlegs” font on it, and 3.) it promotes the world’s greatest behind the scenes baseball blog.

The DVD would be a great present to keep, because I am in it a handful of times – most notably during the postgame celebration when Jay Bruce nearly pulls me over the outfield wall, whilst screaming joyous expletives at each other. And on a more serious note, it would be a great reminder for me of a season/team that helped me soldier through a VERY tough time in my life.

I have a cameo in “Let’s Get Ready to Win”. It would be nice to own it and watch myself and my iPad, voting for Joey Votto, over and over again.

They would be great gifts for either my wife or I. We both are avid Reds fans, attend many games, members of Reds HOF, and are attending RedsFest. We have been Reds fans since the early 1970’s and will always be.

I am an ultimate Reds fan and probably the ultimate Reds fan of Illinois. I sleep, eat and do just about everything else with the Reds in mind. I’ve always wanted to see this complete video. I saw the end of the film when it was on mlb network. The gentleman who made the movie was from a small town close to my hometown as well of Rochester, Illinois. My son and I drive 5 hours to Cincinnati at least on weekend series a month during the season, plus Redsfest, plus travel all over to watch the Reds in other cities. Houston is on the agenda this coming summer, and would be great to wear a “Better Off Red” t-shirt in Houston for the last season of true NL baseball between the Reds and the Astros.

I’m sure there are more deserving and needy folks out there, but thought I would put my name in the hat and hopefully see what happens. Win or Lose, the Reds are like the air I breathe and my Christmas well be celebrated next weekend in the Queen City when my son and I make our annual Redsfest trip, meet up with the friends we have made through the years under the stacks, and celebrate another upcoming season in the sun and under the stacks.

I would love that Reds gear because my birthday is tomorrow! And as a gift to myself I started my own blog/website so it would be a great blog-warming gift from BOR! That and I don’t have a whole lot of gray Cincinnati Reds gear so it would be a welcome addition. Thanks for everything you do for the fans of Reds Nation. Happy Holidays!!

My wife says I’m the most difficult person for whom to Christmas shop. I find this very hard to believe, seeing as I eat/sleep/drink/drink/drink Reds baseball.

Every year, I say, just get me something from the Reds shop. And every year I’m disappointed to see snow boots, tool kits and automobile survival kits under the tree. Seriously. How many road-side flares does a guy need?

The answer: none. Ok, it’s one. But I filled that quota in ’98. I need me some new, hard-to-obtain Reds gear. The kind that proves my mettle among real fans, especially with #Redsfest coming fast. How better than with BOR gear?

So please. For my wife. Make a Reds fan happy. And for God sakes, save the flares for someone who needs them. Thank you.

This would be an amazing gift for my wife. 4 years ago I introduced her to the reds an its been on ever since. She’s taking me to my first redsfest this year our one year old sons bedroom is nothing but reds she dressed him up as baby Sam LeCure. This would be a great gift for any fan but id love to see her get it. GO REDS

First for being a huge Reds fan and planning vacations to attend Redsfest the last two years. Also have a vacation planned to go to induction wknd in Cooperstown when Barry Larkin gets elected this year. Being harrassed by Phillies fans after sitting through a 22-1 game last year. And finally not doing any Christmas shopping today as I worked last night and today.

I have been a huge Reds fan for my whole life, now I’m in college and living in the Cleveland area. I’m your typical poor college student and can never find any Reds gear up here in the north. Let alone that I’m in college and don’t really have any money to spend on awesome shirts like this, and a DVD as a bonus! It would make my Christmas complete! Go Reds!

My husband is a huge Reds fan. We just had twins 3 weeks ago (and have a 23 month old too). He is really down right now with the craziness that is life with 2 newborns and 3 kids under 2 in diapers. No sleep is no fun. It would really cheer him up to have an awesome BOR shirt and the amazing DVD. We are both followers of your blog and love to talk Reds with each other, when we get the rare chance.

It would be for me, because according to my sisters, I apparently need a life. They said all I do is follow your blog(BOR), and your Twitter even though I only have 13 followers on Twitter, and at last count, only about the same amount of friends on Facebook. But I would wear the shirt proudly to work at the IRS.

I would love to win this for dad. He used to be a good baseball player and then a world class softball player. This was until he had an accident in 2004. Now he is doing good to walk to restroom, he has so much metal in his back. He constantly talks Reds baseball, especially when he was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s. He talks how my grandpa, who passed away a couple of years ago,and he used listen to marty and joe all season long every year. Only two times in my life I have seen my dad cry, when grandpa passed and when we watched the tribute to “nuxie”, when he said, “this is the old left-hander roundin third and heading for home for the last time”. That was rough on all Reds fans. I’m just glad he finally got Fox Sports Ohio in his area. He watches while dvr’ing, then goes back and watches again. lol. This would just be so awesome for him to win. I’m only 17, without a job or I would buy it for him.

I’ve been a reds fan for over 50 years, and a fan of the blog since it’s inseption. Last year my wife converted a spare room into MY “reds” room where I keep my reds memoribila; the shirt and DVD would be a great addition to the BOR wall where I have other things that came from you;(not to mention a great christmas gift)

I think they would be a great holiday present for my Dad, he has been a Reds fan since I can remember, I watched my first baseball game with him and I have loved it ever since. He is 84, battling cancer and he is my biggest hero, he is a disabled American Veteran and I think any person that has went and fought for our rights is a deserved winner.

I have been a Reds fan for many years and would love to win these great gifts this offseason so then I can show my pride even more while I wait to see what moves the Reds make for 2012.

Been going to Reds games since 1971 and am very lucky to have been to
a lot of big regular season and post season games including the 2010
division clinching game. The Bruce HR is one of my top ten Reds moments
and wish could re-live again.

So i can watch something other than twilight…. and you can never have enough grey tshirt that mention the reds…

Because my entire family loves the Reds! We made the trip to Cincy from Louisville or 13 games last season….hope to make it to more games this year!

I’m from Lexington and moved to Nashville 14 years ago. One of my sons lives in the Miami area and we spend nights listening online and texting back and forth about the games. He’s 30, loves the Reds and wears his Reds cap all over South Florida (and always goes to the one series in Miami each season to cheer on the Reds). I’d love to have him wear your t-shirt proudly next time he’s texting me from the Reds/Marlins game, describing the 12 or 13 Marlins fans in attendance and the Reds domination of The Fish and their unbelievably ugly new jerseys. If they sign Pujols, maybe they’ll even attract 20 fans. GO REDS!

I am from Lexington and I try to rally support for the REDS on a daily basis. There are a lot of crazy Cardinal fans down here and I need to show them that Lexington is Red’s country! I am also a loyal fan of the blog and check it on my lunch break everyday at the high school where I work.

I’m going to Spring Training and I have no clothes to wear!!! And you rock Jamie!

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