The inaugural Redsfest took place in January, 1997.  On Opening Day of that year (1997), Ruben Sierra was the starting left fielder for the Cincinnati Reds.

For correctly answering, @gah2318 has been selected as this week’s winner.  He’ll receive a brand new Better Off Red, limited edition t-shirt and a mystery prize from BOR Headquarters.

Didn’t win?  Don’t sweat it, we’ll play again next week.  In the meantime, be sure to log on to BOR on Black Friday for your chance to win a shirt and a “Let’s Get Ready to Win” DVD

And speaking of prizes and giveaways…since you all have been so supportive of the blog and the team, I’m going to attempt to return the favor.  The folks here at BOR have come up with something we’re calling “The Umpteen Days of Christmas.”   Basically I’ll be giving away lots of cool Reds-related stuff during the month of December.  We might even start early, so keep your eyes peeled.  

And don’t let the name “Umpteen Days of Christmas” fool ya – no matter what your holiday of choice is this December, we also celebrate it here at BOR.  So come one, come all!        




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