Reds Director of Promotional Events Zach Bonkowski (pictured below) stopped by BOR Headquarters today to answer some of the Redsfest questions submitted via Twitter with the hashtag #AskRedsfest …

@GreaterNati: #AskRedsFest Im a season ticket holder and was hoping to get my Votto jersey signed. Is he a Friday session for STH?

ZACH: Unfortunately Joey’s limited availability will not allow him to take part in the Season Ticket Holder Only autograph line on Friday night.


@DatGalKP: How do you sign your child up for the kids autograph?#AskRedsfest

ZACH: You do not need to sign them up for the Kids Only autograph area.  That area is first-come, first-serve for autograph sessions.  Players participating in sessions at that booth will be announced 30-minutes prior to the scheduled start of sessions, just as they are at the other autograph areas.


@OMGReds: We would like to #AskRedsfest… Are #Redsfest exclusive baseball cards coming back this year?

ZACH: Good question, but they are not on the schedule to be back this year.  The sponsor behind those cards has chosen to go with a poster the last few years.  Those posters will be available, free of charge, at the Orville Redenbacher booth (Booth #37) at Redsfest.  The 2011 Redsfest floor plan has been submitted for posting and @Jamieblog will announce when it’s ready for viewing and printing. 


@AJaggers12: will there be a kids section and kids alutograph section at #Redsfest ? #AskRedsfest

ZACH: Yes, there is.  We keep one autograph area at Redsfest for Kids Only – which for Redsfest is defined as those 17 and under who were unable to participate in the online autograph opportunity sweepstakes.  This is Autograph Booth E at Redsfest.  Parents may enter the cuing lines with children if they choose to, however only the child is entitled to an autograph when they reach the player.


@icee82:  Usually Redsfest has a theme. For instance, in 2010, it was a celebration of the 1990 Reds. What is the theme now? #ASKREDSFEST

ZACH: This year’s theme is “Jamie’s Cats:  A Celebration of Our Favorite Felines”.  (Just kidding, there is no specific theme to this year’s event – we’re simply trying to put on the best team fan festival in all of Major League Baseball.)

(editor’s note: BOR does not support or endorse Zach’s poor attempt at humor.)


@KarenCincy: what time do the autograph/photo lines start on Friday #askredsfest? Ps. Happy Thanksgiving!

ZACH: The first players will arrive at Autograph & Photograph booths at 4:15PM on Friday night and at 12PM on Saturday.  The last sessions begins at 9:15PM on Friday and 5PM on Saturday.  Each session of autographs will consist of 225 autographs (regardless of the time it takes) and photograph sessions will have a hard cut-off time at 10 minutes prior to the next scheduled session.


ZACH: Redsfest setup started yesterday and will continue every day (except for Thanksgiving) up until opening on Friday.  Jamie will periodically provide updates on setup on BOR (with the express written consent of @Bongreatness).  Although a new “confirmed” player attendance was made yesterday, we still expect more confirmations right up until Redsfest begins.  Also, make sure you are checking out the FAQ section on www.reds.com/redsfest to make sure you’re aware of this year’s policies regarding size limits on bags being brought into the event. 


Last Year’s Redfest opened up a tad early….will that happen this year as well? and if so…how early?

Can I bring a gym bag into Reds Fest, which will hold the bats, mini-helmets, and baseballs? It is a standard size gym bag you would take to work out at a gym. It has a shoulder strap, so it does not have wheels. I have some bats that I want signed at this years event. I know the website says “No Lugguage or Rolling Duffle Bags bigger then 16X16X8. I hate towait for hours in line and then be denied in bacause of the bag.

It can’t be any bigger than 16x16x8. Just like at the ballpark.


Do you know why Brandon Phillips hasn’t confirmed his participation in Redsfest this year? I hate to think he’s not coming because of his pending deal/contract with the organization…

I hate to complain because I know you all work so hard to put together a great Redsfest event, but can we please target some new Reds alumni next year? It seems like it’s the same Reds alumni every single year, and most people probably already have their autographs. Bill Doran is part of the Reds organization, but he doesn’t attend Redsfest??? It was great to see guys like Dave Collins last year…let’s mix it up a little bit again next year.

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