A lot of you have heard of the “Movember” movement – the November fundraiser for men’s health in which participants grow moustaches as symbol for their cause.  Participants start clean-shaven on November 1st and grow a ‘stache for the entire month (like a walkathon).

Since it started in Australia in 2004, the campaign to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, is now worldwide.  “Movember” has over 1.1 million participants and has raised over $174m to benefit Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG charity group.

Our very own “maestro of the moustache,” Sam LeCure is taking part in this campaign and he needs your help!  Sam is a member of Movember’s MLB “network” that consists of guys like Collin Balester of the Nationals, John Axford of the Brewers and Bryan Peterson of the Marlins (just to name a few).  Other notables who are participating include Seth Rogan, Matt Leinart and Keith Olbermann.

Sam’s trying to raise more money than his rug-lipped competitors, but is currently in third place among his MLB brethren, trailing Balester and Axford.

For that final push, Sam recently offered an autographed 8×10 photo to the first 20 people who donate $50 or more.   He currently has 15 photos remaining.  At the end of the month, Sam himself will make a sizable donation to the cause.

“Movember is something I wanted to be a part of because cancer affects us all in some way.  My Dad has battled cancer, good friends of mine have battled cancer; some have won and some have lost. I am just a courier for the cause. I wanted to use some of the notoriety I’ve received to really help to do something good for fellow humans. I hope moving forward that I can be a part of this great cause for years to come.” – Sam LeCure.

To help push Sam and his “crumb-catcher” into the lead, please visit the Team LeCure page HERE.

Here are some photos of Sam during his month of “Movember”….

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I am on his team and am glad to be a part of it. Good to see baseball players like Sam doing things like this.

Go Sam Go! We are rooting for you. Good Luck! I would love to have one of those pics!🙂

BTW Sam, I’ll be waiting for that autographed pic!!!🙂

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