From today’s Hot Stove Notebook…

TODAY’S NEWS: The Reds added to the 40-man roster IF Didi Gregorius, RHP Kyle Lotzkar, IF Donald Lutz, IF Henry Rodriguez, IF Neftali Soto and RHP Pedro Villarreal…the 40-man roster is at 40 players.

RULE 5 DRAFT: All 30 Major League Baseball teams today will file their reserve lists for the upcoming Rule 5 Draft, scheduled for December 8 during the Winter Meetings in Dallas…any player eligible for the Rule 5 Draft who is not protected on a Major League 40-man roster may be selected by another team…eligibility for the draft depends on the player’s age during the signing season of his first contract…generally, players who sign at age 19 or older are under a club’s control for 4 seasons, while players who sign at age 18 or younger are under a club’s control for 5 seasons…after the rosters are submitted, no team can promote a minor league player to its 40-man roster until after the Rule 5 Draft, though teams can remove players from their rosters to make room for a Rule 5 Draft selection.

ARROYO TO ATTEND SYMPOSIUM: Bronson Arroyo is the keynote speaker at tomorrow’s 2011 Great American Strength and Conditioning Symposium, presented by Beacon Orthopaedics and Hammer Strength at Great American Ball Park’s Champions Club…the event will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 5:40 p.m….Arroyo is scheduled to speak at noon.

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Hey jamie whats up man.Me and my son met you last year at the reds caravan in hamilton.Do you think the reds will go back to pinstripe unies sometime soon,they look better than the plain ones we have now.if you can leave me a message on my FB page,Rocky Grace.Take care man,see you at redsfest.

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