This Date in Reds History (thanks to Redleg Journal by Rhodes & Snyder):

11/17/92: “The Reds trade Norm Charlton to the Mariners for Kevin Mitchell.  On the same day, the Reds lost Freddie Benavides and Mo Sanford to the Rockies, and Trevor Hoffman to the Marlins in the expansion draft.”


Tomorrow, I’ll be joined on the blog by Reds Director of Promotional Events Zach Bonkowski (pictured below), who’ll help answer the #AskRedsfest questions submitted via Twitter.  If you’d like to participate in this Q&A, tweet your Redsfest-related question(s) using the hashtag #AskRedsfest.  Every Friday, leading up to Redsfest, Zach will stop by BOR to answer your queries. 



I’d like to see the Breweres go back to the AL, never liked that move in the first place. I’m sure Bud had something to do with that though.

I agree, Steve. This makes sense from a geography standpoint, and sets the Rangers up with a natural rivalry, but anything with Bud Selig’s fingerprints on it can’t be good.

if you move the Cardinals to the American League, a natural rivalry is set up with the Royals. If you move the Marlins to the AL, they have a natural rivalry with the Rays. Balderdash argument. Astros should go to NL West and either the Rockies or the Diamondbacks to the AL West. Diamondbacks should’ve been an AL team anyway since they came around the time Milwaukee moved to the NL.

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