2012 Opening Day moved to Thursday, April 5
Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins at 4:10pm at Great American Ball Park

CINCINNATI (Nov. 15, 2011) — The Cincinnati Reds announce the 2012 Opening Day game will be played Thursday, April 5 at 4:10pm vs. the Miami Marlins at Great American Ball Park.

The original 2012 schedule released in September had Opening Day on Friday, April 6.

“We want to thank Major League Baseball, the MLB Players Association and the Reds and Marlins players for agreeing to move Opening Day to Thursday, April 5,” said Bob Castellini, Reds President and CEO. “Opening Day is a long-standing tradition for this team, our fans and the City of Cincinnati and we are pleased that the parade and game will now be on Thursday.”

“The Findlay Market Association is once again proud to be the sponsor of the Opening Day parade,” said Neil Luken, Chairman of the 93rd  Findlay Market Opening Day Parade. “We want to thank the Reds and Major League Baseball for working with the Findlay Market vendors so we can put on a great parade.”

According to Luken, the parade route will be the same as previous years and start time of the parade will be adjusted to occur closer to game time.

“We are currently meeting with Cincinnati Police to determine the start time and logistics for the parade.” said Luken. “We hope to announce the start time within a few weeks.”

2012 marks the first year that Reds Opening Day will be recognized as a ceremonial City holiday in Cincinnati.



That is great news. Thank you

Personally, I think all the stink raised about Opening Day being on Good Friday was stupid. Did the people who were upset about it never go to a sunday game? Or do they never go to a game at all b/c going to a game on any day takes time away from worshipping God?

Good Friday is the most solemn day in the Catholic religion. You can still attend Sunday mass and make it to a game later in the day. Sunday is considered a day of rest and observation of the religion, but there’s nothing to say people cannot enjoy a ballgame or any other activity for that matter. But the day Jesus died on the cross? Yeah, that’s a pretty solemn day that is recognized with mourning and fasting all day long. So being that Cincinnati is a fairly Catholic city, I think it’s great that they’re moving opening day.

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