Ok folks, I’ve got approximately 200 minor league bios to write.  That means, you will be counted on to entertain yourselves for a little while.  I’ll still be posting on the blog and Tweeting, but “real work” comes first. 

I’m going to get you folks started on something that should keep everyone busy.  Let’s have some fun on Twitter today using the hashtag #BORFun.  Here’s the theme: pop culture questions only. “Questions” can be from song lyrics, commercials, movies, TV shows, etc. (for ex., “Where’s the beef?”).

Tweet your pop culture questions and tag it with #BORFun.  You can include me on the Tweet if you’d like (@Jamieblog).  You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking on the “Follow” button on the right sidebar of this page.

Have fun!! 


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