What a game, huh?  The Brewers have to be feeling pretty good right now, knowing that this series is definitely going back to Milwaukee.  I know Brewers Director of Media Relations and former Reds PR man Mike Vassallo is relieved.  We saw him immediately after last night’s game and he looked like he had the Flu.  When asked what was wrong, he said something about how this series is taking its toll on him.  Matt Chisholm, media relations guru of the reigning World Champion Giants, said, “If they get to the World Series, he might need to be hospitalized.” 

Former Red, Jerry Hairston Jr. may have had the play of the night with his perfect slide into home plate in the fourth inning.  Hairston was the player I was in charge of for the postgame interviews on the field.  He and the “Crew” were pretty exuberant following the win – almost like a weight had been lifted off their chests. 

Yesterday it was announced that Cardinals outfielder Lance Berkman had been named the 2011 National League Comeback Player of the Year.  It’s a much-deserved honor and he took time to address the media about it in the press conference room.

Because there is such a crush of media for Postseason games, the press dining at the ballpark is limited to box lunches that contain a very plain turkey sandwich.  Chuck Torres (MLB), Lydia Panayotidis (MLB), “Chizz” (Matt Chisholm, SF), Marty Sewell (Fla), and my main man Bennett Shields (MLB) and I decided to mix it up a little and visit the club area of Busch Stadium for some “real food.”  They have a great selection up there and some delicious eats.  Believe it or not, I went with a chicken cesar salad and it was to die for.  It was so good, I’m looking forward to having another one tonight.  

And speaking of food, I’m about to join the gang for some lunch.  In the meantime, keep checking the blog for updates and my Twitter account for random tweets (I’ll also be tweeting a clue to one of the answers in the bobblehead contest).

The NLCS is tied up at 2 games apiece.  Tonight Zack Greinke opposes Jaime Garcia.  It should be a great game, so be sure to watch on TBS at 8pm ET!

More later.

Expect good news,



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Keep up the great work. It’s a testament to your skills and style that you have us Reds fans reading interesting posts about a WLB vs Brewers NLCS. I haven’t been able to watch much of the games so far this week, so looking forward to catching this one tonight.

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