I arrived in St. Louis this morning to begin assisting Major League Baseball with my third National League Championship Series.  MLB thinks highly enough of my colleague Larry Herms and I to invite us to help ’em out this time of the year.  Larry worked the first two games in Milwaukee and here I am in the “Gateway City” for games 3, 4, 5. 

As they say, “Missouri Loves Company!” 

This series is kind of extra special for the Reds Media Relations department because it reunites Larry and I with our old buddy Mike Vassallo, the Brewers media relations director who once worked in Cincinnati as the Redlegs assistant director. 

Here's Vassallo calling Marty Brennaman...Marty doesn't take his calls, so it goes directly to voice mail.

Although there wasn’t a game today, things were pretty busy at Busch Stadium as folks prepare for the middle portion of the NLCS.

Upon arrival to the ballpark, I met up with my friend Lydia Panayotidis, the media relations coordinator for MLB.  Lydia is the press credentials guru, and I sat with her this morning at her ticket window as she distributed media passes to writers, TV people, camera men, etc. 

Not long after seeing Lydia, I caught up with Vassallo and Brewers assistant media relations director John Steinmiller.  “Steiny” is one of my favorite dudes in the game and the co-author of the Brewers team blog “Jon & Cait…Plus Nine” – the #1 ranked MLB Pro Blog for September.

Speaking of favorite dudes in the game, I also reunited today with my pal Chuck Torres, the  manager of broadcasting administration and operations for MLB.  I’ll be working directly with Chuck during the series, as he’ll direct me with which players to corral for pre/postgame media interviews.   (Chuck gave me a live reenactment of how his phone was broken by Larry in Milwaukee…high comedy, I tell ya).

As always, the lady who is directly responsible for me being here is Katy Feeney, “the First Lady of the National League” and the senior vice president of the Commissioner’s Office.  I helped Katy today put up the NLCS backdrop in the media interview room prior to the four scheduled press conference sessions.  It’s always nice seeing Katy as she’s one of the classiest and most well-respected people in this business.

Following the press conferences, I joined Chuck for a meeting he conducted with TBS and some members of the Cardinals front office and production team.  The meeting was held to basically go over any issues before showtime tomorrow night. 

One of my first duties for tomorrow is to help TBS’ Craig Sager (the one with the flashy suits) get Brewers’ first baseman Prince Fielder for a pregame interview.  Keep an eye on that one.  

You’d probably be amazed by how much goes into a baseball game…especially big, televised baseball games. 

Well, it’s now the end of the day and time for dinner.  I’m not sure where I’m going but I do know that I’ll be dining with Katy, Chuck,  Lydia and some of my fellow MLB club colleagues, including Matt Chisholm from the Giants and Marty Sewell from the Marlins.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back with more tomorrow…in the meantime, enjoy some more photos below from St. Louie.

There's Katy, to the side moderating today's press conferences.



Very cool insight! Nice picture of the arch on the field with the arch in the background.

Great pictures as always, but makes me want to go to Great American Ballpark😦

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