A couple of weeks ago, host Adam Richman and the crew of the Travel Channel show Man vs. Food visited the Queen City to film an episode of their popular television program.  That episode will air Wednesday, October 12 at 9pm ET. (a week from today)

Why am I blogging about this, you ask?  Well this specific episode stars one of the biggest supporters of Better Off Red, Adam Turer!  A Little League coach and loyal Reds fan, Turer is put to the challenge of eating a 5-lbs reuben sandwich at the downtown Izzy’s

Did he do it?  You’ll have to tune into find out….oh and check out the shirt Adam is wearing during the episode.  Look familiar?  Hint: It’s a Better Off Red t-shirt featuring Burt BobbleRed!

For more information on the upcoming Cincinnati episode of Man vs. Food, click HERE.

Host Adam Richman and "contender" Adam Turer (wearing the BOR shirt!) pose for a photo during the taping of Man vs. Food


Adam turer is my husband! Wearing this shirt to the filming was a no brainer for him! He is a HUGE reds fan! Thanks for posting this!

~Candace Turer

This is awesome! I hope he beats it!

Wow, that’s excellent! Burt is gonna be so famous! GO ADAM!

Head is coming…….

That is so awesome! Way to represent!

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