From my colleague Jarrod Rollins…

Everybody in the baseball world has been talking about Moneyball since it finally hit the big screen last week, and BOR headquarters has been given a few T-shirts and copies of the book to give away to the Fonzies. As usual, however, to earn these goodies you guys are going to get those creative juices flowing!

Moneyball follows the Oakland A’s, but obviously Reds Country would be more interested in a movie that follows our Redlegs. So what if Hollywood did make a movie about your Queen City heroes? Who would you cast as Mr. MVP, Joey Votto? Who would you choose to stand in for Brandon Phillips and his golden glove? Tell us your casting choices in the Comments section of this post, and you could win some Moneyball swag!

You have until Sunday, October 9.  Ten random winners will be announced on Monday, October 10.

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After seeing the funnyordie Captain Planet skit, definitely Don Cheadle as Brandon Phillips… As for Votto, that’s mildly difficult, but I made say the guy who played Cameron on Alphas, Warren Christie.

For JoeVo I would have to go with Kiefer Sutherland. That man can be very serious and equally hardcore. Better yet…HE’S CANADIAN!!!!! For BP, gotta be Dave Chappelle. I think he could nail BP’s happy-go-lucky personality.

Joey Votto = David Boreanaz. Brandon Phillips = Omar Epps

Voto – Jimmy Falon
Phillips – Cuba Gooding Jr.

Votto: James Caviezel (almost dead-on as far as looks and was an athlete in college).
Phillips: Derek Luke

Nobody can play Phillips, he plays himself. I’ll be back (hopefully) if I can think of who plays the rest.

Dave sappelt: kanye west
Jonny gomes: chuck Liddell

Homer bailey: christian bale
Brandon phillips: Chad ochocinco
Aroldis Chapman : minute boll
Joey votto: slyvester stallone

The actors I would choose for the cast would be as follows:

Joey Votto- Matt Damon (excellent actor, looks similar)
Brandon Phillips- Martin Lawrence (both are
Paul Janish- Paul Walker (decent actor, I think he would fit the part well)
Scott Rolen- Mark Wahlberg (both are the type to be leaders on the team)
Devin Mesoraco- The Rock (I would just like to see someone try to run the Rock over at the plate!)
Aroldis Chapman- Will Smith (both are tall and I think Will us pretty athletic!)
Dusty Baker- Morgan Freeman (great actor and would play the part well)
Drew Stubbs- Ben Affleck
Jay Bruce- Bruce Willis (not sure why, maybe because his First name is the same as Jay’s last!)
Chris Heisey- Colin Farrell (both have same build and I think he would be a good fit)

Walt Jocketty- Nick Nolte

How about the Mighty Mos Def as BP, and Mike Myers as Votto?
(Also, I’d love to see Sir Alec Guinness play Unkie Walt, if he were still alive.)

I love this game!!! Off the top of my head –

Homer Bailey – Christian Bale
Logan Ondrusek – John Krasinski (Jim on The Office)
Ryan Hanigan – Kevin Bacon (when he was a bit younger of course)
Joey Votto – Henry Cavill (from The Tudors and the next Superman)

I’m sure I can think of more. And we need pictures!

Brandon Phillips- Dule Hill
Drew Stubbs- Ryan Gosling
Joey Votto- Mark Ruffalo
Scott Rolen- Guy Pearce
Jay Bruce- Joaquin Phoenix
Ramon Hernandez- Benicio Del Toro
Yonder Alonso- The Rock
Paul Janish- Andrew Garfield
Homer Bailey- Christian Bale

Miguel Cairo- Ben Kingsley

Walt Jocketty- Ian McDiarmid
Dusty Baker- Forest Whitaker

a slightly younger Joey Votto could be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Dave Chappelle would make a great Brandon Phillips.
Drew Stubbs – Ryan Gosling
Homer Bailey – Christian Bale (duh)
Walt Jocketty – David Morse or James Spader
Dusty – James Earl Jones

+1 on the Bailey/Bale comparison

Joey Votto- Charlie Sheen
Brandon Phillips- Taye Diggs

JV should be played by Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights the series)…
And BP should be played by Anthony Mackie (Adjustment Bureau)
Dusty Baker should be played by James Earl Jones
Jamie Ramsey should be played by Marky Mark (Wahlberg)
Scott Rolen as himself

Joey Votto – Eric Bana. They could totally be twinsies.
Brandon Phillips – Will Smith. Easily.

Homer Bailey has to be played by Clay Aiken – maybe dub in the voice, but the look is so similar
Since this is all virtual anyway, I will go with the fantasy:
Joey Votto – late 1970s John Travolta
Ryan Hanigan – 1980s Sean Penn
Drew Stubbs – Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
Dontrelle – 80s Arsenio Hall
Mike Leake – Michael McKean from the Laverne & Shirley days
Sam LeCure – 1970s Burt Reynolds
Todd Frazier – Greg Evigan from the 80s – vaguely similar look, and they are both Jersey boys!
Ramon Hernandez – Mario Lopez
Chris Heisey – Ben Affleck
BP – 80s Eddie Murphy, especially when he smiles

Cool contest Jamie, I am enjoying looking at the entries.

Scott Rolen would be played by Kevin Bacon. Scott is a Wiley vet who’s been around the game and knows how to play every part; leader, leading man, funny guy, villain, and hero and play the role well just like Bacon.

Drew Stubbs would be played by Orlando Bloom. Ladies love the Stubbster no matter what base he’s stealing. Same can be said for Orlando.. Ladies love him no matter what scene he’s stealing.

Jaimie Foxx plays the roll of the Golden boy Brandon Phillips. DatDudeBP has a smile that could leave an audience speechless much like Foxx’s performance in Ray.

Homer Bailey would be taken over by Batman himself Christian Bale. Funny how one plays a role who is consumed by bats and one who try’s to avoid them.

Tom Cruise would be our lovable RFer Jay Bruce who at times we love and other times want to pull our hair out but in the end delivers like a leading man hence clinching the Division Title in 2010.

Joey Votto played by DEAN CAIN
BPhillips played by USHER

Brandon Phillips- Chris Rock
Joey Votto- Charlie Sheen.. they both have that edge.

Christian Bale as Homer Bailey
Hugh Jackman as Joey Votto
Josh Halloway as Bronson Arroyo
John Hamm as Johnny Bench

Jay Bruce – Jerry O’Connell
Brandon Phillips – Usher
Joey Votto – Adrian Greiner (Entourage)
Paul Janish – Shia Labeouf
Dave Sappelt – Taylor Lautner
Bronson Arroyo – James Van Der Beek
Drew Stubbs – Luke Wilson
Zack Cozart – Ryan Reynolds
Chris Heisey – Eric Dane
Ryan Hanigan – Charlie Hannam (Sons of Anarchy)
Homer Bailey – Christian Bale
Mike Leake – Bam Magera (Jacka**)
Sam LeCure – Jason Lee
Scott Rolen – Russell Crowe

Phillips – Taye Diggs

Votto – Matt Damon

Looking back at the 2010 season/ the first playoff season for the Reds in 15 years we would need a great cast to show the talent of the Reds:
Dusty Baker=Morgan Freeman
Joey Votto= Christian Bale
Bronson Arroyo- Matthew Maconahay
Homer Bailey
Aroldis Chapman- Tyrese
Francisco Cordero- Cuba Gooding Jr.
Johnny Cueto-Eddie Murphy
Mike Leake
Sam LeCure=Robert Downey Jr.
Nick Masset
Arthur Rhodes-Djimon Hounsou
Jordan Smith- Matt damon
Edinson Volquez- Will Smith
Travis Wood-Matt Damon
Ryan Hanigan-Jeremy Renner
Ramon Hernandez- george lopez
Orlando Cabrera=John TurTorro
Miguel Cairo- Rey Meysterio ( both small and fast)
Brandon Phillips= Wesley Snipes ( once he is out of Prison)
Scott Rolen= Kevin Costner
Jay Bruce=Matt Damon
Jim Edmonds=Dennis Quaid
Jonny Gomes= Johnny Depp
Drew Stubbs- Leonardo Dicaprio

Ran out of ideas for some of the above but I figure that is enough for a great start!

Joey votto should definitely be played by Dwayne Johnson. They are both super good lookin, serious about their jobs, really good athletes, and winners.

Tom Cruise!!

JoVo should definitely be played by Tom Cruise!

I see the story as being told in flashback with:

Old Joey Votto: Alan Thicke
Old Brandon Phillips: Bill Cosby
Young Joey Votto: David Denman (Roy from “the Office”)
Young Brandon Phillips: Sam Jones III (From “Smallville” and “Blue Mountain State”)

Joey Votto- George Clooney ( If Robert Redford can pull it off in The Natural, George can). Besides they look alike.

Brandon Phillips- Don Cheadle ( Older yes, but such a good actor )

Joey votto- Tom hardy
BP- Damon Wayans jr

OK, here’s some more…
Mike Leake – James McAvoy
Jay Bruce – Chris Pratt
Drew Stubbs – Ryan Gosling
Scott Rolen – Harrison Ford (circa Temple of Doom)
Dusty Baker – Danny Glover

In true Moneyball fashion wouldn’t we want (Votto, Phillips, Rolen, Etc.) to all be played by Scott Hatteberg. We win the NL championship and then the World Series. What a movie!

rider strong as joey
nick cannon as brandon (i tried to think of someone with a great smile. it’s his best feature!!)
ryan gosling as drew stubbs
christian bale as homer (obviously, they look alike. whenever homer pitches, i call him christian bailey)
joe anderson as bronson
michael angarano as ryan hanigan

oh, and forest whitaker as justy baker.

Joey Votto: Dean Cain
Jay Bruce: Matt Damon (They both have the same haircut)
Brandon Phillips: Dule Hill (they kind of look alike and Dule could portray Brandon well)
Homer Bailey: Christian Bale (duh!)

Brandon Phillips–Chris Tucker
Joey Votto–Russell Crowe

Joey Votto – Jake Gyllenhaal
Brandon Phillips – Mos Def
Bonson Arroyo – Orlando Bloom
Scott Rollin – Nicolas Cage
Homer Baily – Russell Crowe

Joey Votto – himself (he’s as handsome as any movie star, and his salary/residuals from starring in the movie would mean he could be a “lifer” with the Reds)
Brandon Phillips – Will Smith
Ryan Hanigan – Kevin Bacon
Bronson Arroyo – Sean Penn (circa “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”)
Scott Rolen – a younger Kevin Spacey
Homer Bailey – Christian Bale

What a fun contest!

jonny gomes: woody harrelson
joey votto: george cloony
brandon phillips: cuba gooding jr
scott rolen: dennis quaid
jay bruce: ben affleck
drew stubbs: ryan renyolds
mike leake: leonardo decaprio
ryan hannigan: the hyena from lion king
bronson arroyo: himself or eddie vedder
chris spier: joe walsh
walt jocketty: the captain from titanic
dusty baker: bill cosby

Wow. Nicely done, everybody! Here’s my humble submission:

Joey Votto: Mike Vitar
Ryan Hanigan: Patrick Renna
Aroldis Chapman: Brandon Adams
Drew Stubbs: Tom Guiry
Logal Ondrusek: Grant Gelt
Edgar Renteria: Marty York
Brandon Phillips: Chauncey Leopardi
Bronson Arroyo: Victor DiMattia
Mike Leake: Shane Obedzinski
Dusty Baker: James Earl Jones
Wendy Peffercorn: Marley Shelton

Votto= Matt Damon
Phillips=Mike epps

DatdudeBP-Dule Hill Mr.MVP-James Caviezel… if aperance is what then these are your guys.. #BOR

Alright, I thought entirely too long about this. I tried to get every player, but I failed. Enjoy.

33 Jose Arredondo Milton Davis, Jr. “JP” from Angels in the Outfield.
61 Bronson Arroyo Alexander Skarsgard
34 Homer Bailey Christian Bale
45 Bill Bray Chris Evans
51 Jared Burton Liev Schreiber
48 Francisco Cordero Will Smith
47 Johnny Cueto Nelsan Ellis
46 Carlos Fisher Mehcad Brooks
44 Mike Leake James Franco
63 Sam LeCure Jason Lee (he can grow a sweet ‘stache)
56 Matt Maloney James McAvoy
40 Nick Masset Josh Duhamel
66 Logan Ondrusek John Krasinski
36 Edinson Volquez Kevin Peter Hall as Predator
50 Dontrelle Willis Tyrese
29 Ryan Hanigan Bradley Cooper
55 Ramon Hernandez Enrique Iglesias
43 Miguel Cairo will play himself, because he can do everything
21 Todd Frazier Charlie Hunnam
7 Paul Janish JGL. (ok, I just want him to be in the movie)
4 Brandon Phillips André Benjamin
19 Joey Votto Orlando Bloom or Joaquin Phoenix
23 Yonder Alonso Channing Tatum
32 Jay Bruce Jake Gyllenhaal
28 Chris Heisey Chris Pine
17 Dave Sappelt Royce Clayton (I hear he does movies now…)
6 Drew Stubbs Ryan Reynolds

Corky Miller – Danny McBride
Joey Votto – Luke Wilson
Brandon Phillips – Dule Hill
Bronson Arroyo – Dave Grohl
Jay Bruce – Jonah Hill
Ryan Hannigan – Shia Lebouf
Scott Rolen – Russell Crowe
Homer Bailey – Jim Parsons
Yonder Alonso – James Roday
Drew Stubbs – Paul Rudd
Dusty Baker – James Earle Jones

Homer Bailey = Christian Bale
Joey Votto = Aiden Turner
Brandon Phillips = Gbenga Akinnagbe
Ryan Hanigan = Kevin Bacon
‘Soft J’ = Jimmy Kimmel
Sam LeCure = Josh Brolin in ‘No Country For Old Men’
Mike Leake = Leonardo DiCaprio

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