Brandon Phillips 4
Dave Sappelt 7
Joey Votto 3
Jay Bruce 9
Chris Heisey 8
Juan Francisco 5
Devin Mesoraco 2
Paul Janish 6
Dontrelle Willis 1


The Burt Awards categories and nominees will be announced tomorrow but I’ve got a special sneak peek for you today.

Here are some of the categories that you’ll be asked to vote on: “Best Player,” “Best Pitcher,” “Best Mascot,” “Best Special Event,” “Best Giveaway,” “Best Nickname” and “Off-the-Field MVP.”…just to name a few. The rest will be revealed tomorrow, so be sure to log onto BOR!!

Expect good news.

Go Reds!!


1 Comment

Last night, George Grande stated that the Astros were willing to trade Pence to the Reds for Homer Bailey and Drew Stubbs, but the Reds were not interested. Can you verify that what he said is true?

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