Nominees for The Burt Awards will be announced Monday, September 26.  At that time, you the fans, will be asked to vote for the winners. 

At the conclusion of the 2011 Major League Baseball season, winners will be announced at the first ever “Burt Awards Ceremony” –  to be held right here on Better Off Red.

In the meantime, we need your help in determining nominees for one of the categories.  I’m looking for five nominees for the category we’re calling “Performance of the Year.” 

It could be Ramon Hernandez’s home run on Opening Day, Drew Stubbs’ homer on Monday Night Baseball, or…well, you get the idea. 

Please submit your “Performance of the Year” candidate in the Comments section under this blog post.  Please, one nominee per person/comment.  I’ll take the top five nominees and they’ll duke it out beginning Monday.   

Thanks for participating!!



Well, of course I’m going with Drew Stubbs’ walkoff on the Monday Night Baseball game.🙂

I nominate Brandon’s walkoff homerun against the hated Cardinals!

BP’s walkoff against the Cards after the all-star break. Also, Sam Lecure’s performance in growing a mustache

Chris Heisey, 3 homer game against the Yankees.

Phillips’ walkoff against the Cardinals🙂

Chris Heisey’s 3 homeruns against the Yankees on June 22nd.

Phillips walk off vs the Redbirds

Can I change mine if we can only do one? Instead of Drew’s walk-off on Monday Night Baseball, I’d like to nominate his inside-the-park homerun.

I don’t remember the opponent, but what about Brandon’s throw between the legs to Joey to get the runner out at first?

Chris Heisey’s 3 homers against the Yankees

Heisey’s 3 homerun game agains the Yanks. The boy doesn’t get enough credit.

Drew Stubbs walk off home run against Atlanta on Espn Baseball

Ramon’s home run on Opening Day – a great way to start the season!

Wasn’t Stubbs’ homer on Sunday Night Baseball? I think it was the July 24 game. Either way, that was great. Arroyo’s shutout yesterday wasn’t bad either, especially as it closed out the season at home.
The opening series sweep and the 5-0 start were also highlights.

Brandon’s walkoff against the cards

This is a tough one, but I have to go with Gazelle’s walk-off HR in extras on Sunday Night Baseball. I’m probably biased because I was there, but it was a great moment. Though the season didn’t turn out the way we hoped, that night it felt like this team was capable of great things — and they proved they can come through on the national stage. I had chills (and maybe a few tears).

I nominate the Reds staff and fans for winning the #HatsOffCin contest. That was a great performance and a lot of funny tweets.

I nominate Dave Sappelt’s amazing grab from yesterday’s game. Made ESPN’s top 10 at #4.

Brandon Phillips’ 1000th career hit which was also an HR.

Pretty much any play by BP. But for me it’s a tie between the walk-off HR against the Cards or the between the legs toss to Votto!!!

Brandon Phillips homerun to beat the cardinals!!!

No contest – Ramon Hernandez’s walk-off home run on Opening Day.

Starting the season the way the 2010 season ended….with a walk off homer! Hernandez was fabulous and that whole day was just spectacular…cold and all!🙂 Every fan there was thinking “YES!!!We can contend!” Hope is a good thing, even in a resulting subpar season! Next year guys, next year!!🙂

I second the nominantion for the #HatsOffCin tweets. It was fun to participate and there were some very creative tweets!

Juan Francisco’s 502-foot home run!

CoCo’s 300th save

Heisey’s 3 HR day vs. the Yankees!

Ramon’s game winner Opening Day, Brandon’s game winner vs the Cards on that first game after the All Star break, and Coco’s 300th save. Also, I don’t know what you have in mind for categories, but maybe something called “outstanding feats” where Heisey’s three HR game and Francisco’s out of the park bomb could go…. just a thought….

Heisey’s 3 HR against Yankees!!!!!! he is so awesome and doesn’t get enough credit!!!!!

#HatsOffCin and Phillips between the legs to Votto!

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