As the Reds’ season becomes a point of reference, hyperlinked in the archives of baseball web sites all across the Information Superhighway, we here at Better Off Red are preparing to supplement the hard facts of the Redlegs’ 2011 record with something we think you might like…

It’s true that we didn’t get to pour adult beverages all over ourselves like we did in 2010, but we’re still allowed to have a little bit of fun, right?; here’s how…

For the first time ever, Better Off Red is introducing its end-of-the-season awards ceremony…and guess what, you’re all invited to this red-tie affair!  We at BOR Headquarters are calling it  The Burt Awards, or “The Burts,” for short.

The Burts – named after Better Off Red mascot Burt BobbleRed – will recognize Reds players for their accomplishments during the 2011 season.   Some of the categories include “Best Player,” “Best Pitcher,” and “Best Fielder,” but we’ll also have some unconventional awards to hand out, such as “Best Batting Stance,” “Player Who Wears His Uniform Best” and “Best Hair.” 

The Better Off Red staff is currently working ’round the clock in compiling nominees for all of the Burt Awards.  Once the nominees are announced, it’ll be your job to vote for the winners.  Voting will begin next week right here on BOR. 

Winners will be announced on Better Off Red at the official conclusion of the 2011 MLB championship season.  Some of the winners are even expected to stop by the blog to accept his award(s).

Since you’re invited to and asked to participate in this fancy awards ceremony, it’s only fitting that you send in your red carpet photos to be featured on BOR (remember it’s a red dress, red tie affair!).  You can send your creative photos to me at 

Stay tuned for The Burt Awards!


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