Last night off Chicago’s Rodrigo Lopez, Reds third baseman Juan Francisco belted a home run over the moon deck in right field that traveled an estimated 502 feet.  It’s the first time in Great American Ball Park history that a player hit a home run over those right field seats.  It’s the second-longest home run on record at GABP…

  Player Team/Opponent Pitcher Distance Date
1 Adam Dunn Dodgers Jose Lima 535 8/10/2004
2 Juan Francisco Reds Rodrigo Lopez 502 9/12/11
3 Wily Mo Pena Astros Brandon Duckworth 498 4/17/2005
4 Reggie Abercrombie Marlins Michael Gosling 493 4/19/2006
5 Alfonso Soriano Nationals Brian Shackelford 492 5/9/2006
6 Derrek Lee Cubs Matt Belisle 482 4/18/2005
7 Ryan Howard Phillies Kent Mercker 479 4/5/2008
  Adam Dunn Pirates John Grabow 479 4/6/2006
9 Albert Pujols Cardinals Danny Serafini 477 8/31/2003
10 Adam Dunn Cardinals Carmen Cali 474 5/4/2005

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