Another beautiful day in the Mile High City.

A big thanks to my friend TJ Maxx for the comfortable undergarments.  I realized this morning that I didn’t pack enough, so I had to make a trip to his department store.  I got some socks, too (because I know you’re interested).

Johnny Cueto was out running the steps again today.  This time he had some company – Darren Baker, the manager’s son.

If you want to work for the Reds media relations department, please know that Mercury Marty likes to have the lineups 7 hours before first pitch.  

Oh and today is Joey Votto’s 28th birthday.  He’s in the lineup.  Here’s hoping for a Birthday Funkblast!

Coors Field has the best press dining room food in the league.  No contest.

The game is not televised today, so follow me on Twitter (Jamieblog) and I’ll give you some updates.

Expect good news.  Go Reds!

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bawahahaha…..the undergarments…… over sharing!!! lol

TMI about the undies Jamie, but great pics as usual!

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