I got to the park a little early today and decided to walk around and snap some photos. 

Wrigley Field definitely isn’t the best or easiest place in which to work, but there is something magical about it.  If you regularly read BOR or my twitter feed, you probably know that I often jokingly refer to the mythical “baseball gods.”  After taking a stroll today around the “Friendly Confines”, I have no doubts that they really do exist.  This place is sacred ground, regardless of one’s feelings about the home team.

One of the Wrigley Field rituals of Reds director of media relations Rob Butcher and’s Mark Sheldon is to grab a burrito at El Burrito Mexicano on West Addison before a Reds/Cubs game.  Since Rob’s not on this trip, I filled in today and kept the tradition alive.  The chicken burrito is off-the-charts delicious.   

The Reds are going for the series win tonight against the Cubbies.  Win or lose, we’re jumping on the bird after the game and headed for Denver.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s off day.

Enjoy today’s pregame photos and thank you for making Better Off Red the #2 ranked MLB Pro Blog for the month of August!

Expect good news,


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Enjoy Denver and thanks for all you do for your fans….the b/w pics are classy!🙂

Love the black & white pics, too!🙂

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