When the weather is as gorgeous as it is today, I try to get out into the ballpark when I have a chance. 

I ventured out to the view level this afternoon to take in a brief moment of sunshine and scenery.  I don’t get out into the seating bowl as much as I’d like (especially during gamedays) but when I do, it’s a reminder of how truly beautiful Great American Ball Park is.  I love this place. 

Here are a few photos…(You probably can’t see them, but Bronson and Leake are the guys tossing on the field)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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Wow. more people at GAPB in those shots than were at sun life yesterday.

Gorgeous – I’m hoping to make my first trip to GABP in the next year and can’t wait! I attended the DH at Sun Life Stadium on Wed. – and Troy’s assessment is pretty accurate. Sad to say that, but I really enjoyed seeing the Reds in person.🙂

I’ve been a Reds fan since 1970 and have only been to GABP once. It truly does look amazing.

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