From our good friends at Elias Sports Bureau

Joey Votto, Edgar Renteria and Jay Bruce each hit solo home runs to account for Cincinnati’s three runs in the team’s 3-2 victory over the Rockies on Wednesday night. It is the first time that the Reds have scored at least three runs, with all coming on solo homers, since September 17, 2008 against St. Louis.


I was pressed into action last night by the Colorado Rockies.  Kevin Millwood made his Colorado debut and the Rox needed some images of Kevin for their giant lineup in Coors Field.  So, I happily grabbed my trusty camera and spent the first two innings snapping some pics from the GABP photo pits.  I even snapped a few of our Redlegs…

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Don’t forget to submit your entry for the 1937 Cincinnati Tigers game-issued throwback jersey!


I’ll have today’s lineup in a bit. 

Expect good news,


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“About last night”??
Well it was certainly good to see OUR BOYS win last night… going to bed with a knot in my gut WAS beginning to get tiresome. I can only imagine how much worse this feeling is when we DO LOSE to the men who must go onto the field and are obliged to stand there and take the hoots of those BONEHEADS who dare to boo our own team (something which I NEVER do and have NEVER done).

Now lets see if the commitment of those men can be met by the commitment of the men and women in the front office! The fans have continued for the most part to show up in decent numbers; last night was over 20,000. Let’s hope that WHOMEVER is running this railroad (whether it’s Dusty, or Walt, or Bob) makes a similar commitment to WINNING!! If not this year, then next. That means that IF we have these young hot-shots from AAA here and ready to go LET’S SEE THEM!! We
are NOT going to be very much inclined to come for the rest of this year if all we see are re-treads of this year’s TITANIC – sized underachievement. IF we really are giving up on this year, PLEASE give us something to look forward to. PLEASE give us a chance to say to the CRUDINALS: “HEY!! You may be winning THIS year, but
see those young punks out there, shooting line drives across your bow?? THAT’S what you’ve got to look forward to BOZOS!!” PLEASE… at least give us THAT!!

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