Drew Stubbs 8
Paul Janish 6
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jay Bruce 9
Ramon Hernandez 2
Yonder Alonso 7
Todd Frazier 5
Mike Leake 1


That may be the best looking line-up that I have seen out of this team all season.

I completely agree with that!

I just dont understand Janish in the 2 hole. Dusty has this idea that “since you play SS” you have to bat 2nd. Frazier perhaps?

I think that I would have switched Janish and Frazier, but Janish has been hitting better since coming back up from AAA. Whatever the lineup, let’s just get on a winning streak!

There really is no excuse for Janish hitting 2nd. He’s the worst hitter in that lineup by far. He should always bat 8th, unless Leake or D-Train are pitching. Then he should bat 9th.

at this point does it hurt to try Paul 2nd in the lineup? Maybe it’ll get him going being infront of Joey. If it doesn’t help, then put him somewhere else next time. Disappointed to see Chris Heisey is hurt, but maybe that will get Alonso more practice in LF.

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