Why does Dusty keep leaving Phillips in the 4th spot, he should be batting 2nd. With the amount of strikeouts Stubbs and Heisy have, along with the power they have too, they should be batting 4th. At least they would have an excuse for the amount of K’s. 4th hitters are Home-Run-KO guys. Lewis LF, Phillips-2B, Votto 1B, Stubbs CF, Bruce RF, RH Hitter 3B, Catcher, SS, Pitcher It’s my batting order, try it dusty !

Just thinking the same thing to myself…
I am sure someone could find Phillips average in the 4-hole vs everywhere else.
B Lips changes his whole approach in the cleanup spot. Let him bat leadoff, let cairo bunt him over, then see if joey cant tack up an RBI.

Also, can anyone find out what Stubbs’ avg is in first at bats? also, how many pitches does he see? Feels like hes always first pitch swinging out of the gates, which is a terrible way to set the table for the next two guys. I know dusty feels somewhat responsible for getting into Stubbs’ head early in his career, be more aggressive vs take more pitches…but at least in the first damn AB he could watch one or two…get a feeling for the guy youre gonna face 4 times in a game, and maybe see something that he can go back to the dugout and relate to the team that has to bat behind him…

I agree Brandon Philips is not a cleanup hitter. I like the idea him batting first and get bunted up a base. He is much better baserunner not a cleanup hitter.How bout Gomes? Oh yes thats right we traded him HAHA.

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