From my colleague Michael Anderson….

On Saturday morning, a community baseball field in Kenton County, Kentucky was renovated, renamed and dedicated thanks to the generous support from Reds closer Francisco Cordero.

The field at Pioneer Park, less than 10 miles due south of Great American Ball Park, includes new fencing and backstops, field grading and leveling, new infield dirt and grass. A 100-foot long windscreen bearing Cordero’s name adorns the outfield fence.

The project, in conjunction with Kenton County Parks & Recreation, was selected as the winner of the Reds Community Fund’s inaugural “Home Field Makeover” this past winter. 

Since joining the team prior to the start of the 2008 season, Cordero has donated more than $400,000 to the Reds Community Fund.

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I was there and it was so much fun! so great to see the players giving back to the community. and Coco drives a sweet car…

That is an awesome gesture by the reds and Cordero, however, there are many of us in Kenton Co. that are questioning why the officials in Kenton Co. allowed this gift at this particular field. This field sits right next to a creek which overflows its banks 2-3 times a year,which actually leaves that area under water. I personally have witnessed the water level about halfway up the backstop on many different occasions. Over the years I have seen backstops, fences,and bridges over the creek destroyed by the debris in the floodwater. Its a shame that such an awesome field has been built smack dab in the path of many floods. Its not a matter of if…… Its when.

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