From our dear friends at Elias Sports Bureau….

• Jake Westbrook allowed a home run to the leadoff batter in each of his last two starts and both of those homers were hit by Chris Heisey.  The last pitcher to allow a leadoff home run in each of consecutive starts within one season, with the same batter hitting each of those homers, was Steve Trachsel in May 2000 to Rickey Henderson.
• Chris Heisey led off the game for the Reds with a home run; Brandon Phillips ended the game with a home run.  It was the third time this season that a team had a leadoff homer and a walkoff homer in the same game.  The Nationals did it on June 16 against the Cardinals (Jayson Werth with the leadoff HR, Danny Espinosa with the walkoff) and the Angels did it against the Mariners on July 8 (Erick Aybar and Mark Trumbo). 


And if you couldn’t get enough…

Phillips’ walkoff homer

Phillips’ walkoff homer with both the TV and radio call


Today one of my dearest friends is celebrating a birthday.  You might know her as the “matriarch of Better Off Red” the lovely Lisa Braun.  If you get a chance today, please send her a birthday tweet at @LisaBraun

I often say that without Lisa, there would be no BOR.  And I truly mean that.  She’s the greatest. 


More in a bit.

Expect good news,



Thank you Jamie. You’re the best.

An intleiglnet point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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