Well hello there. I’m Lisa Braun, Marketing Manager for your Cincinnati Reds.  Jamie likes to refer to me as the matriarch of Better Off Red, which doesn’t sound overly flattering to me, but I went ahead and had it added to my business cards anyway.  I handle a few different things at the Reds…advertising, online, social media, consumer clubs, strategic partnerships, and media promotions.   I’m also responsible for making sure Jamie doesn’t spend too much time “working” from the bar across the street on days his boss is on the road.

 I get asked to do Jamie’s blog once a year, whenever he takes a vacation and does whatever it is Jamie does when he’s on vacation.  I have no clue where he goes, what he does or who he’s with. However I’m pretty sure he takes the bobblehead with him. And the cats.  And probably that wrestling mask.

So anyway, as you know Jamie’s blog has become quite the hit by covering anything and everything Reds. But my favorite part of Better Off Red is you…from the pictures you send, to the stories you share, to how you show up in huge numbers to get our guys to the All Star Game, to meeting so many of you in the BOR area at Redsfest. What makes Better Off Red unique isn’t Jamie (and if it was, I wouldn’t tell him), it’s how our fans have made themselves a part of it.

That’s why what Jamie does epitomizes what baseball is supposed to be all about. Better Off Red is about the people who read it. The Cincinnati Reds are about the people who support us.

The Reds are about the fanatical fans that stand out by the smokestacks in centerfield decked out in their favorite team wear…81 times a year.

The Reds are about the father and son who might be able to make it but once or twice a season.

The Reds are about the nun who for some reason sends us emails second-guessing the manager’s moves from the previous night.

They’re about the guy who paints his face.  They’re about the longtime Reds fans who keeps score. They’re about the guy who gets the Reds logo tattoo. They’re about the guy who buys every piece of Reds gear, who owns multiple jerseys, who collects every single giveaway we have.

 They’re about those folks who’ve attended five consecutive decades worth of Opening Days. They’re about the guy who comes when it’s cold in April, comes when it’s hot, or comes late in the year, when sometimes the games don’t really mean all that much.

And they’re about the guy who might not get to come nearly as often, but who still cares just as much.

 They’re about the lady who sits on her porch every night, letting Marty and the Cowboy provide the soundtrack as the afternoon turns into evening.

They’re about the family who takes an annual pilgrimage to Chicago, or Pittsburgh, or wherever…all the while proudly clad it red.

They’re about the man who will forever compare every Reds team to their Big Red Machine brethren. And they’re about the kid who’s just joined the Reds Heads Kids Club.

They’re about the people who take it personally when the first baseman doesn’t make the All-Star team and make it their mission in life to get him there. They’re about the people who sit through rain delays, who fight off sleep to watch those late-night west coast games. They’re about the fans who blog, who tweet, who call radio shows, who show up for the caravan, who make the trek to Goodyear, who pack Redsfest, who support the Reds Community Fund, who visit the Reds Hall of Fame, and who care more about the success of their baseball team than most anything else.

They’re about the people who high-fived and hugged strangers last September 28th as the team celebrated a division title. They’re about the people who celebrated quietly by themselves.

 The Cincinnati Reds are about you. They’re about how you support us, how you care for us, and how you give people like me a chance to work at a place I love.

 I know we can’t say it often enough, so I thought I’d take my annual chance to blog and use it to say what we should say every single opportunity we get…

Thank you.



Ok, Lisa…you made me tear up. haha I truly believe the Reds have the best organization in baseball…from the fans to the front office…the heart of this organization is a beautiful thing and your post reminds us how each of us is a part of that. A big thank you should go right back from all of us “mere” fans to all of the “behind-the-scene” folk like you and the rest of the Reds staff (that have the jobs we all wish we did. haha) that work so hard in areas that are sometimes overlooked and undervalued. If any one piece of this Reds puzzle falters, non of us can enjoy the masterpiece.

Indygirl said it right on. THANK YOU right back at the reds org. Especially the bor group🙂 oh and fighting tears here too🙂

Thank you for giving us this special little spot for all of us to connect. Redleg Nation has been in the shadows for far too long. Its time to get back to the top.

Well said Lisa! Great work and thanks for everything you do.

Love the guest blog, Jamie will be proud, We know first hand how all of you work for beloved team, Some think it is a gravy job, it might be in a small way, but actually it is long hours and very hard work to keep track of. I know with our family we very seldom get to see Jamie because of the busy season. But his whole family is very proud of him and is so talented in his writing of the team that was his absolute favorite rowing up. But you and Zack have done well while is in a well deserved vacation. GO REDS!!!!!!!

Some words were left out but you got the point. Jamie will let me know about it.

LISA!! Jamie is blessed to have you as friend and coworker! Indyredsgirl put it so well in her post, and like her, I was getting all misty eyed while reading your beautiful, heartfelt words. But what gives me a thrill is seeing Jamie’s MOM comment on this post! Mrs. Ramsey….we adore your son! He’s a breath of fresh air, with great wit, humor and humbleness! You’ve raised him well and it shows! Thanks again Jamie for all you (and those behind the scenes as well!) do for the fans….you are seriously good stuff! GO REDS!!

You’re welcome…LOL!!! Thank you for being part of such a classy organization that really puts the fans first and lets us feel like we really are a part of it all.

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