Happy Thursday! I’ve been asked (threatened?) to provide an entry for Better off Red in the absence of our fearless leader James Ramsey. I’ve been able to do a lot of fun things in my lifetime, but when James (yes, I call him James, I’m classy like that) reached out to me and asked that I step in as a guest blogger I was floored. Mainly because he actually came to me and asked, as opposed to me walking by his office to stick my head in the door just to say hi, the only way we ever really interact. Aside from Twitter (@cjbausano by the way – but don’t expect anything fun like Minor League Reports, lineups, and transactions) and the one time he invited me to a concert. Secondly, I was honored to be a part of the #1 blog in Major League Baseball which isn’t something that should be taken lightly so hopefully you will all be entertained. My post won’t be similar to the jealous-laden rant from Zach (I refuse to call him Bongreatness) but I’m hopeful it will be as thrilling as the other guest bloggers who are in for James this week. It can’t do any worse than my fellow Premium Sales Manager Ryan Rizzo, who’s Wizard of the West Side guest entry last year generated the fewest amount of page views ever and led to his dismissal from guest blogging. Riz, who missed work earlier this week with yet another age related injury, is one of my best friends within the organization and he takes our ribbing on his age in stride. I believe his first year with the Reds the team still played on AstroTurf!

A brief intro: my name is Chris Bausano and I’m a Premium Sales Manager with the Reds. I’m in my fourth year with the organization and in my 11th season as part of a sports organization (college, minor league, and MLB). Although I’ve been in ticket sales for the vast majority of my working career at one point I dreamed of being the play-by-play voice of the Reds. At times I would even bring a hand-held cassette recorder to games at Riverfront Stadium, sit in the outfield red seats, and practice calling the action. Believe me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. We’re spoiled as Reds fans to be able to listen to Marty and our outstanding broadcasters on a regular basis.

I’ve been lucky enough to appear on the BOR pages several times during my tenure with the Reds. I debuted on the blog in 2009 in the initial Reds Cap Club post, rocked a bow tie on Opening Day, and was mocked for it (thanks), and most recently showed off my son Theo, whose initials allow me to call him TWiB, a reference made in homage to one of the greatest television shows of all time, This Week In Baseball. Wasn’t planned that way but the opportunity couldn’t be passed up.

My role with the Reds consists of managing and selling our premium seat inventory – Diamond Club, Champions Club, Scout and Scout Box, and luxury suites – on both season and group ticket packages. Not to go all “Sales Guy” on you, but if your business is looking to entertain current or prospective clients or rewarding employees, Reds premium tickets provide a phenomenal setting to develop and maintain the all-important business relationship.

The most common question I get from customers, friends and family is, “what do you do in the offseason? Are you able to take vacation and catch up from the marathon that is a baseball season?” In fact, the exact opposite is true. Even before the regular season ends our work for the following year begins as the sales force takes to the streets in an effort to sell season ticket. Since my focus is on the premium areas of Great American Ball Park I spend a lot of my time meeting with decision makers at many of the thousands of businesses and corporations in the area. In a nutshell my responsibility is to show them how Reds tickets, especially areas like the all-inclusive Diamond and Champions Club, can benefit their business by strengthening relationships with current customers and building new relationships. As a salesperson myself I know the importance of constructing a solid relationship. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend a night with one of your best clients, let me know! Sorry for the Sales Guy thing again…it comes naturally.

Let’s move on, shall we? A hearty congratulations goes out to Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, and Joey Votto for being named National League All-Stars. It will be great to see multiple Reds part of the festivities in Arizona next week. One thing that always frustrated me about the All-Star break is that it always fell around my birthday (hint, hint) and rarely, if ever, was I able to go to a game for my birthday. My parents did surprise me for my 12th birthday with tickets to the Home Run Derby at Riverfront Stadium, but alas it rained all day and was cancelled. Until last year one of my best Reds memories was watching Todd Benzinger corral the final out of the 1990 World Series. Although the 2010 edition of the Reds didn’t make it that far – being part of the organization and at the stadium for Bruce’s walkoff homer and the celebration that followed was one of the most memorable nights of my career. Hopefully there will be more Division, League, and World Championships to celebrate in the near future! Like my main man James says, “Expect good news!”

Thanks again to James for allowing me to blog while he travels the planet. I hope to be back soon!

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More bowties = more diamond seat sales. Proven fact.

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