Happy 4th of July, Welcome & Upcoming Milestones

Happy Fourth of July, Reds fans – or more specifically, BOR fans! (Doesn’t quite feel appropriate to drop a “Fonzies” reference since I’m only standing in for your fearless leader.)

This is Jarrod Rollins, and I’ll be working with the guest bloggers Jamie’s lined up to cover his absence for the next week or so. Clearly, none of us can quite fill the golden shoes of Mr. BOR, but we’ll do our best to entertain you while he’s on a top secret vacation. (Seriously, no one knows. The pool’s up to $220 at the moment.)

We’ve got some cool Redlegs fun coming your way very soon, including a look at the Super Hero Weekend video spot that debuted at GABP this weekend. What do Jonny Gomes, Francisco Cordero, Drew Stubbs and their teammates look like in super hero capes? We’ll, you’ll find out!

For now, courtesy of the game notes put together by Rob Butcher & the crack Reds Media Relations crew, here’s a look at some upcoming milestones ahead for the Reds as they enter today’s game against the Cardinals:

*Scott Rolen is 1 hit shy of 2,000 career hits and 2 doubles shy of 500.

*Dusty Baker is 14 wins shy of 300 as the Reds’ skipper and 32 shy of tying Earl Weaver on the all-time list.

*Francisco Cordero is 3 saves shy of tying Goose Gossage on the career leaderboard and 18 away from tying John Franco for #2 on the Reds’ list.

*Brandon Phillips is 13 RBIs away from 500 for his big-league career.

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