Word around the campfire is that the folks up in Milwaukee are trying to rally the troops to vote Rickie Weeks into the top spot at second base.  So….I guess we’ll have to meet their rally and raise them a couple of gazillion votes for our main man Brandon Phillips.  Whaddya think?

Join me (@Jamieblog) and the rest of the Fonzies today at noon (ET) on Twitter for another Vote Reds Lunch!   Use the hashtag #VoteRedsLunch for all of your voting/lunching related posts.  We’ll share with our fellow lunchers today’s personal menu, along with how many times we’ve voted or plan to vote for our Redlegs.  Photos of your yummy lunch are encouraged! 

Today’s Vote Reds Lunch will coincide with the first game of today’s day/night doubleheader with the Yankees.  In fact, we’ll keep the lunch and the voting going until the conclusion of this afternoon’s tilt.  Afterwards, everyone who participated will get a mention here on Better Off Red.   

**One lucky eater/voter today will receive a brand new, limited edition Better Off Red shirt and a pair of Magic Reds Shoelaces!**




Brewers also want Fielder to get ahead of Votto…with Pujols out, next in line gets the start. Also, a strong showing for Bruce may figure into his selection for reserve OF if we can’t make up the difference to get him voted in for the start. So Vote Reds and Vote often!!!

I recognize that desk!

Me too! In fact I’m looking at it right now!

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