Congratulations to @Adam_1224 who, for participating in today’s #VoteRedsLunch, has randomly been selected to receive a brand new Better Off Red shirt and a pair of Magic Reds Shoelaces

Stay tuned for news regarding next week’s final #VoteRedsLunch!

Here’s the rest of the roll call…

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AmyPerry04 – #voteredslunch Just voted another 25 times while having my toast…its off to work now…go #reds

@gobuckstpa – Just voted 75 times for my fav Reds #voteredslunch

@jalextapia – #VoteRedsLunch I voted for the 2011 MLB All-Stars – you should too! Vote now at!

@EffieSmith – Haven’t had lunch yet, but I just voted 25x for my #Redlegs. #VoteRedsLunch.

@KarenYaworski – #VoteRedsLunch Just finished my 25 votes!

@meistege – I just voted 25 times!!! For lunch, our intern from China made us some homemade chinese dishes. #ItsNotHazing #VoteRedsLunch

@AniRayne33 – Mac and cheese w/ tuna. Working on 50 more votes. #VoteRedsLunch

@jbev44 – Eating left over Chinese and getting my 25 votes in for @DatDudeBP #VoteRedsLunch

@neavesatron3000 – Welp let the #VoteRedsLunch begin!!!! Well I have 5 email addresses so that equates to 125 votes for @DatDudeBP votto and bruce #VoteRedsLunch

@LoriS526 – Haven’t had lunch yet, but got in 125 votes for our guys. #VoteRedsLunch.

@RedsBeerGuy – 25 votes my reds, and a Philly chicken from Penn station.

@adamturer – Filled out about 50 ballots to drop off at the game tonight #VoteRedsLunch

@firenzekara – #VoteRedsLunch 25 votes over turkey, ham, salami sandwich and “fishes” (goldfish crackers) with my 18 mo old

@garylmoore78 – #voteredslunch Going to try to get 100 votes in for @Reds players

@ChadConant – 100 votes in on my phone while my son ate lunch. Dare I knock out 100 more #VoteRedsLunch

@Bongreatness – #VoteRedsLunch 25 votes for the Reds and 25 plates of press dining room french fries

@Senorpez – Eating a calzone and voting for @DatDudeBP. #VoteRedsLunch

@Adam_1224 – SpaghettiOs w/meatballs and 25 votes. #VoteRedsLunch

@MBM71 – Popcorn shrimp for lunch, 50 votes for Joey, Brandon, Jay, and the whole gang. Go Reds!! #VoteRedsLunch….Asked around the office and got permission from 7 co-workers to use their email addresses. 175 more votes coming later today!

@AKbb12 – 100 votes for the redlegs today while eating some pizza, potato salad, and sweet tea! #voteredslunch

@Pattymcirish – #VoteRedsLunch – 125 votes for the @Reds @Rojos_beisbol. Press dinning lunch AND dinner today!

@Brianjdavis – #voteredslunch arby’s was the meal of choice.sporting the game on my ipad while I eat.

@Beamer1117 – A pulled pork sandwich and some great mac and cheese (sorry @ElHalconRojo1 ) from Mr Red’s smokehouse and 25 votes #voteredslunch

@ChelsieMoody – water, peppermint patty & animal crackers! #voteRedslunch . 75 votes for my favorite guys.

@garylmoore78 – the force was strong today, succeed I did! #voteredslunch

@srichardson1980 – 50 votes for the RedLegs, and left over #LaRosa’s pizza today. #VoteRedsLunch

@rotnoid – Cafeteria pizza, busken cookies and 25 votes for the Reds. #VoteRedsLunch

@Samlynn85 – Chicken cordon blue+ green beans+100 votes = one great #voteredslunch

@kujoatc75 – Double decker cheese burger w/remoulade, shaved lettuce, and bread and butter pickles with hand cut fries on the side; #voteredslunch #nola

@Engineer409 – #VoteRedsLunch Turkey & Cheese wraps and 100 votes!

@RedsColts – #voteredslunch…25 votes for the Reds and a Southern Fried Chicken Salad

@SweetMelissaKae – Had chinese for lunch…pairs perfectly with 75 #VoteRedsLunch votes. Will reach 500 #VoteReds votes by end of the day!

@atepac – got go with the @TheMayorsOffice favorite with a gold star 5 way (LARGE) #voteredslunch

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