Howdy folks!  I’ve got a few things for ya today before the lineup is posted…

First off, congratulations goes out to Kim Bell, who successfully participated in yesterday’s Trivia for a Shirt contest!

Kim correctly answered “Johnny Bench” to yesterday’s question, and has randomly been selected to receive a brand new, limited edition Better Off Red t-shirt and a pair of Magic Reds Shoelaces.  Good job, Kim! 

We’ll play again next week, so stay tuned.


We have just one participant in this week’s Reds Tattoosday.  Check it out…

Philip H. of Lebanon, OH

If you’d like to show off your Reds ink, simply email a photo to me at and you’ll be featured in the next installment of Reds Tattoosday! 

Reds Tattoosday’s #1 fan, Jonny Gomes, is getting some new ink in a couple of weeks and  Better Off Red has been invited to film the “procedure,” so stay tuned….


And don’t forget your creative Burt BobbleRed photos! 

Here’s one submitted by Colin Devine

Here is my photoshopped picture of Votto accepting the Burt BobbleRed Award. (I can't imagine an award better than that.)


There’s a young lady working here at Great American Ball Park named Pat Webb, who thinks I look like this guy:

Here’s Pat’s explanation:

Here’s the photo I promised!   This is Frank, an antique carved wooden head we’ve had for years.   With his batting helmet on, we immediately thought he looked like you! hahaha    Enjoy!

I don’t know, Pat.  You used to be one of my favorites around here!


Here’s some information from the Reds Hall of Fame…

Reds Hall of Fame tonight!
5:30-7:00 PM 1961 Reds 50th Anniversary Celebration Meet and Greet:  Meet some of the stars of the 1961 National League Champion Reds from 5:30-7:00 PM at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.  Players scheduled to appear include Reds Hall of Famers Leo Cardenas, Jerry Lynch, Jim Maloney and Jim O’Toole along with their 1961 teammates Gene Freese, Joe Gaines, Jay Hook and Claude Osteen.  Photographs are welcome, no autographs please. The event is free to members and free with admission to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.


I hope you’ve been enjoying the Paul McCartney-altered Reds songs! 

Today, I’m handing the keys (pun intended) to Julie Muething, one half of The Royal Ladies of Better Off Red.  Julie penned the following number to be sung to the McCartney classic “When I’m Sixty-Four“…. 

When you go out to see a Reds game,
There are great give-aways!
The Rally Pack gives pom-poms, also “Reds Win” balls,
Bronson Arroyo plush dolls!
Plus you’ll see players, not one of them mean,
Playing the way fans adore,
Edgar is sixteen, Joey is nineteen,
BP’s number four!
oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo
Jay is thirty-two (ah ah ah ah ah)
And when you’re at the game,
He might wave at you!
What fun is it to sit home alone?
Grab friends, get to the park!
They’ll be out there playing baseball rain or shine.
Got your poncho? I’ve got mine!
Hitting the tundra, making great plays,
Giving all they’ve got, and more!
Edgar is sixteen, Joey is nineteen,
BP’s number four!
Logan Ondrusek, Ramon Hernandez,
Mike Leake, Bill Bray, Ryan Hanigan,
All can pitch and catch! (ah ah ah ah ah)
Of the Reds there have been,
This is a great batch!
Paul Janish, “Soft J,” makes some great plays,
Stubbs is at least half deer.
If you help them win the Central (that’s their goal),
Jonny Gomes just might steal your soul!
So what other reasons do you need?
Baseball is what summer’s for!
Edgar is sixteen, Joey is nineteen,
BP’s number four!


That’s all for now, Fonzies!  Stay cool!

Thanks for logging on.  I appreciate it so very much.  Go Reds!!

Expect good news,



Tundra should be capitalized, blech. #Englishteacherfail

Good job Julie! (Except for the English teacher fail part, but honestly I didn’t notice until you pointed it out.)

why does tundra need to be capitalized? nvm, just realized you’re talking about the car

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