For participating in today’s Vote Reds Lunch@jmt5887 has been randomly selected as this week’s winner!  Congrats, @jmt5887, you’ve won a brand new, limited edition BOR shirt, a pair of Magic Reds Shoelaces and Reds Spirit Hair! 

Here’s the rest of the roll call…

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@laurie_PDX: No time at lunch today, so I put in 50 votes while eating shakshuka & watching Cueto deal last night. #VoteRedsLunch #rulebender

@RussWight: #VoteRedsLunch Put me down for 25 and Wendy’s.

@ChadConant: having pizza. Voting 25 times.

Cho: #VoteRedsLunch 75 Votes and a Morningstar Farm Chik Burger on a Whole Wheat Bun to support my Redlegs!

@jmt5887: #voteredslunch 75 votes while eating chicken strips and fries

@MBM71: Today’s lunch: Pineapple Chicken, 50 votes for my Reds, and 2 tix for the Paul McCartney concert! #VoteRedsLunch

@SwarlesBarkley_: #voteredslunch chipotle and reds votes (and a Donkey vote, as always) No time for a pic. #busyandimportant

@CommiePuddin: Twenty…twenty-five…twenty-five vote lunch…. #VoteRedsLunch #Reds

@Drinck7: Roast beef sandwich, and 50 more votes #VoteRedsLunch #Reds

@sweetmelissakae: A freaky fast 50 votes in for #VoteRedsLunch and a turkey sub from subway…good combo. Did 300 last night with tilapia & margarita😉 #Reds

@topline19: strawberry protein shake and 25 more votes for my #VoteRedsLunch

@carseycritter: my #VoteRedsLunch started at 12:30 but I voted (25) while enjoying some chili from Frisch’s🙂

@senorpez: Eating a calzone and stuffing ballot boxes for today’s #VoteRedsLunch

@Jrnall2: Running late. Had Chili’s Bottomless Lunch and punched out 25 votes. #VoteRedsLunch

@NikoliVoltron: chicken salad s’wich & 50 votes for the red legs! #VoteRedsLunch

@chrisangel02: pack of nabs and a mello yello for #VoteRedsLunch. daydreaming about #GABP w/ awesome friends this Saturday night vs. BlueJays. can’t wait!!

@SRichardson1980: grilled chicken salad and 25 votes for the #Reds. Salad didn’t last long enough for a picture! #VoteRedsLunch

@Getinbelly: 50 votes for the Redlegs and a bowl of chicken noodle soup with crackers! #VoteRedsLunch

@Goggles17: My salsa spilled in my lunch bag and I’m eating yogurt with a knife because the break room has no spoons. Worst #VoteRedsLunch ever?

@annieh914: #voteredslunch leftover pizza and 25 votes!🙂

@Beamer1117: 25 votes and some soup #VoteRedsLunch.

@zeejaydee: i (voted) 25 times #VoteRedsLunch

@jj4518: Triscuits with melted cheddar and I’m voting 25 times.

@chelsiemoody: hey wait im voting! Venti black iced tea and 50 votes. #voteRedslunch

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