Wow, what a weekend!  Between keeping up with the team, babysitting my niece and nephew, participating in the Redlegs Run and attending the Head and the Heart (and Iron and Wine) concert, I kept fairly busy.  It didn’t help that I’ve been a bit under the weather the past couple of days.

But now it’s back to the real world and I’ve got some catching up to do.  Here are a few items…

I had a great time with all of the Blog Joggers during Saturday’s Redlegs Run!  I finally got the chance to put some faces to names and some shoes to asphalt (both long overdue).  It was a fantastic turnout and it appeared that everyone had fun.  Kudos to those who participated and to those who worked the event. 

Here are some photos from Saturday’s Redlegs Run (Thanks Michael Anderson)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


How about that series in San Francisco?  I guess we’ll have to live with the split, but I can’t help but to think the Reds should’ve/could’ve won all four of those games. 

A wise man once said, “split the four-game series, win the three-game series.” 

“So we’ve got the Dodgers tonight.  You know what that means for the Dodgers?….BAD NEWS for the Dodgers!”  


My boss Rob Butcher sent me the following photo from San Fran….

Pretty cool, huh?  Rob and Jonny made the marquee at LaRocca’s Corner!


Check out BOR fan Andy Hewitt supporting Better Off Red at Bonnaroo!  (…and do you notice what “street” he’s on?)


Here’s another BOR Fan, Venomous Valdez rockin’ the new T…


Last week’s “Reds Trivia for a Shirt” winner Bobby Hoekstra shows off his new prize…


And speaking of “Reds Trivia for a Shirt,” I’ll announce today’s answer and winner tomorrow on BOR.


I got this great email/photo from blog reader Paul Kennedy, who is well aware of my affinity for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

Just sending you this Bronson thing I made, basic old school monochrome paint for windows (old school like 96) The Blog is awesome keep up the great work with that, I hope BOR becomes the battle cry for Redlegs Nation like “fear the beard” and “torture” helped inspire the Giants fan base in San Fran and propel them to World Champion status. Take care man, if you post it to your site or fan contributions, let me know on twitter or email…REDS WIN! REDS WIN – Paul Kennedy


A couple of things coming up this week on BOR:

  • Tomorrow is Reds Tatoosday, but I haven’t been receiving many tattoo photos lately…If you have some Reds ink, you can send the photos to me at and you’ll be featured in the next installment of Tattoosday.
  • We’re all set for another #VoteRedsLunch on Wednesday.  Join the Fonzies and me on Twitter as we gather for a delicious “virtual” lunch, and a heaving helping of “ballot box stuffing.”  The latest NL All-Star ballot update has Brandon Phillps (1,754,872) maintaining his lead among second basemen over Rickie Weeks (1,461,383).  Joey Votto (1,773,348) still trails Albert Pujols at first base.  Jay Bruce (1,201,224) climbed up to 6th place among NL outfielders, just behind Matt Kemp (1,372,804).  Scott Rolen (824,656) ranks 5th among NL third basemen (David Wright, 4th, 934,636).  Ramon Hernandez this week fell out of the top 5 among NL catchers.  For full results, see


Hopefully we’ll be chatting about a Reds victory tomorrow!  In the meantime, take it easy and enjoy the game tonight!

Thanks so much for the support!  You folks are the best!

Expect good news,



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