From my colleague Michael Anderson

On Wednesday, June 15, the Reds will be wearing 1944 uniforms when they play the Dodgers in LA. 

– The Los Angeles Dodgers are wearing 1940s uniforms at six mid-week day games this season….and so are their opponents.
– The 1940s jersey was the winner of a fan vote deciding which retro jersey the Dodgers would wear this season.
– According to Uni-Watch, the jerseys they wore on April 21 and May 4 were made by a local uniform manufacturer in SoCal:
– The uniforms the Reds are wearing are from Majestic
– Back in 1944, the Reds wore a blue hat with a red brim, blue & red socks and a blue undershirt.

Click here  to see the 1944 uniforms

We’ll also have more detailed photos when the team arrives in Los Angeles.



Does this mean our boys will be sporting stirrups in LA?

Will the jerseys or hats be available at the gift shop?


With the stirrups and hat, they look like the cubs

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