And Heisey is missing from the lineup. Again. Sigh.

Heisey is a reserve player. Period. Get over it.

Take a broom to the ballpark… send those Cubbies back to Wrigley.

Heisey needs to be given a string of 30 games to play each day. He might be the player we need in left field. He presses each time he starts because need knows he has to succeed to stay in the line up. Gomes played day after day with a less than perfect results.

BP is due to tear ’em up again!!

johnny shouldn,t be sitting the bench. he starting to hit. a player needs his at bats to stay sharp we need a left fielder give another chance.fred lewis is not the anwser

jonny gomes hits a grand slam ………so what does he have to do to stay in
the line up? Leave him in there Dusty and you might win more games.

And why in the world do you keep change the line uo ?

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