I have some random stuff for ya on this off day…

6/2/10 San Francisco Giants (28-24, -3.5)
6/2/10 Texas Rangers (28-24, +1.0)
6/2/09 Minnesota Twins (26-27, -3.5)
6/2/09 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (25-25, -4.5)
6/2/09 Colorado Rockies (20-31, -14.5)
6/2/08 Los Angeles Dodgers (28-29, -3.5)
6/2/08 Milwaukee Brewers (30-28, -7.0)
6/2/07 Colorado Rockies (26-30, -6.5)
6/2/07 New York Yankees (23-30, -13.5)
6/2/07 Chicago Cubs (22-31, -7.5)
6/2/07 Philadelphia Phillies (27-28, -8.5)
*All of these teams went to the postseason*

My colleague Zach Bonkowski sends the following information…

Beginning with the June 3rd fireworks night (tomorrow night) we intend to introduce a new feature to Fireworks Fridays, by encouraging fans to send in their favorite digital photos to be shown on the videoboard during the course of the postgame fireworks shows.  The photos can be of themselves as they celebrate one of the themes of our fireworks shows (such as FINSinnati – where they could send photos of themselves at Jimmy Buffett concerts, celebrating summertime events, etc.) or pictures of themselves enjoying one of our previous postgame fireworks shows. 

More details on the promotion can be found at  Fans will be asked fill out a consent form as they submit their photos to


And while we’re asking for photos…I’m looking for photos of your Vote Reds lawn signs.  Send them to me at and I’ll post them here on Better Off Red.

Here’s a photo of the Fabulous BOR Boys (Daniel and Tony) along with their aunt Julie (who happens to be one-half of the Royal Ladies of Better Off Red) visiting the ballot box at Great American Ball Park. ….


I received this email from Sarah H. and had to share

Hi Jamie,
Myself and my family are huge Reds fans.  My son just turned 1 this past Wednesday and I thought maybe you could post the attached pictures on your blog.  I don’t have any pictures of his room handy, but it is a Reds room, with one entire wall and scoreboard with the score of the night he was born, Reds 9-Pirates 0.
Pictured is my son, Hunter and my daughter, Gabby.
Thanks and have a great day!
Sarah H.
Memphis, IN


This past Monday, Reds media relations intern Brett Jager failed to bring me my morning coffee promptly at 9:00am (he was 3 minutes late).  When he did finally arrive, the coffee was much too hot for my delicate tongue.  So, after scolding him and belittling him in front of a ballpark tour group, I punished him by ordering him to literally run to Philadelphia while wearing a Better Off Red t-shirt.  To his credit, Brett did exactly that.  He arrived in Philly last night at around 6:25pm.  Here’s a photo for proof… 

Unfortunately, Brett was fired for missing last night’s game without a legitimate excuse.  Best wishes, Brett (or whatever your name was).

…..I kid, I kid.  Brett and Jon Cline are two of the best interns we’ve had since I’ve worked here.  They’re super guys and they do a great job for us in the Media Relations department.


That’s all for now!  I hope to see you all at the ballpark this weekend!

Thanks a lot for logging on.  I appreciate it so very much and am grateful that you take the time to let me share all of this with you….

Go Reds!

Expect good news,



I always dream of being some kind of intern either working for the Reds or the Bats (I live roughly ten miles from Louisville Slugger Field).

Where do I pick up one of those tees?

I am a huge reds fan. When I lived in Atlanta I would always go to the games when the reds came into town. When I moved back to Cincinnati 29 years ago I had 7th row season tickets behind home plate. My daughter was 4. Chris Collinsworth use to sit next to me. It was great. Well when I divorced I could not afford season tickets any more. Now i have a son getting ready to turn 21 it would be great if I could get tickets behind home plate for him. I have been laid off and trying to find a job is ridiculous. So it doesn’t look like it will happen. He has been to the stadium quite a few times but he is always in the nosebleed section. Go reds.

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