If you haven’t heard, Reds outfielder Jay Bruce is having an oustanding month of May.  How outstanding, you ask?  Well let’s just take a look at his statistics for the month and see where they rank among all other National League baseball players…

23 runs – 1st
12 home runs – 1st
32 RBI – 1st
.757 slugging percentage – 1st
37 hits – tied for 2nd
.346 batting average – 3rd
.407 on-base percentage – 7th

In my opinion, Bruce’s closest competition for NL Player of the Month is Jose Reyes, who was placed on the bereavement list and will finish the month inactive.  Here’s Reyes’ rundown…

40 hits – 1st
6 triples – 1st
.364 batting average – 1st
9 doubles – tied for 2nd
.421 on-base percentage – 3rd
.555 slugging percentage – 9th

There are also several pitchers who’ve been lights out this month, including Jair Jurrjens (5-1, 1.65era, 43.2ip, 9r/8er, 6bb, 24k, .238oba) and Clayton Kershaw (4-0, 1.77era, 8r/8er, 40.2ip, .2030ba).

MLB’s prestigious monthly awards will be announced shortly after May’s conclusion.  Keep your fingers crossed for BRUUUUUUUCE!

Expect good news,


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While I think that Bruce really deserves this award, I would like it even more if he can continue to be this productive over the balance of the season – what a big help that would be!

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