Join me (and hopefully others) Tuesday (5/24) at the Pig & Whistle Sports Pub (2680 Madison Road, Cincinnati, 45208) for a Better Off Red “Watch Party”.

We’ll have a few burgers, a couple of laughs and watch the Reds/Phillies game together. Our troubles will be over.

Tell a buddy, bring a friend.

Go Reds!


Who in the heck cares about the All-Star game at this point? NOBODY deserves to be an All-Star outside of Phillips. All-Star voting is a joke. People should only be allowed to vote at the park and only vote once. Waste of time.

I am sorry as I meant to post this in the All-Star voting thread and am so angry about the performance tonight that I got confused.

I hope its a great party. It should be a lot more fun if you don’t watch the game. The Reds are tanking right now because their pitching sucks and there’s no reason to believe it will get any better. With the offense and defense they have they should be running away with the division. The pitching is pathetic at best.

Please don’t be a fair weather fan. They are still a good team. They will not win every game or play at their full potential every time. Sit back and enjoy the ride regardless of the bumps in the road. It is BASEBALL SEASON!!!

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