The Reds rallied for 4 runs tonight in the 8th inning to beat the Cubs and sweep the brief 2-game series.  Cincinnati has won 5 straight games. 

Scott Rolen (2-for-3, 2r, double)…Brandon Phillips (2-for-3, 1r, 2bb)…Fred Lewis (1-for-4, 1r)…Joey Votto (1-for-4, double, RBI)…Paul Janish (1-for-5, 1r).

Edinson Volquez (6ip, 3h, 3r, 1bb, 9k, 1hr)…Bill Bray (W, 0.1ip)…Nick Masset (SV, 1ip, 1h)

I love this team.


It is getting mighty hard NOT to love these boys!! The only weak links have been coming around! Edinson Volquez has his best outing of the year…. and an excellent one. Johnny Gomes gets a HR last night…. we are FOREVER coming from behind. Brandon Phillips said it so well (as usual), that those people who leave the game early are really missing out on GRRREEEAAAT games!!

Can we give Dusty a little credit? Maybe he knows a thing or two about building a club, and getting them ready to play. Everyone loves piling on, and while I was no Corey Patterson fan, give the toothpick a little love!

Well – put!! Dusty has taken a lot of grief from armchair managers all over the place about how he should/should not have done this, that and the other thing. The man knows his stuff and has proven it beyond even the shadow of an UN-reasonable doubt as far as I’m concerned!! HAIL DUSTY!! GO RRREEEEDS!!!

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