Really like this lineup! I think Valaika deserves a shot to play 3B everyday while Rolen and Francisco are out based on his terrific defense the other day.šŸ™‚

I agree! I think this looks like a winning lineup! I love Valaika’s defense…now he just needs to work on his hitting. I think Chris Heisey should play everyday too!

I like Chris Heisey alot. He improves himself in every game he plays. I don’t think you should have taken Leake out in the 4th inning. He had a bad inning thats all. If one of our HR hitters strike out in an inning we don’t replace him. I like Leake, he’s one of our best pitchers. Embarrassing one of our finest in the 4th is a risky game to be playing w/his talent.

I love the lineup to, I can’t wait to see Stubbs back in there though. If I could pick the lineup for a day for the outfield I would pick Heisey LF, Stubbs CF and Bruce RF and for the infield Votto 1st like normal, Phillips 2nd, Janish SS and keep Valaika at 3rd base.

I agree I would pick Heisey for LF, Stubbs for CF and Bruce for RF

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