Get Your Official Cincinnati Reds Season Pass-Port

CINCINNATI (May 3, 2011) — The Cincinnati Reds Season Pass-Port is a new and exciting way to chronicle and document your visits to Great American Ball Park.

The spiral-bound Reds 2011 Season Pass-Port consists of a game ticket holder, home game validation calendar, collectable stamp boxes, player autograph pages, Reds history and Hall of Fame section and a personal journal area to record memories from the 2011 season.

Just like an official U.S. Passport (and about the same size,) the Reds Pass-Port enables fans to validate every Reds home game attended at GABP. Simply take the Pass-Port to an Official Pass-Port Validation Station to get it stamped for free.

Official Pass-Port Validation Stations are located at the ballpark team shops, fan accommodation stations and at the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum.

Have you ever had a player sign a baseball or scorecard only to later not recognize whose signature it was? The 2011 Reds Season Pass-Port takes the guess work out of identifying your favorite Reds autographs. The player autograph pages give you an area with each player’s name, number and a box to place collectable stickers (sold separately) to easily identify each signature. 

Other features of the Reds Pass-Port include the team roster, opponents preview, promotional schedule, GABP seating diagram and much more.

Fans can purchase the 2011 Season Pass-Port for $30 at the Reds Team Shop or ballpark shops inside GABP. There is also a companion Kids Pass-Port that includes the Reds mascots.

Fans can also purchase a series of official Pass-Port stickers to enhance the Pass-Port.

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I love the idea, but agree that $30 is pretty steep. Especially since this is something that you would want to get each year. Make it more reasonable in price and more will be sold!

It is avery good idea but it cost way to muchmore like 14.95 plus other add on items. G O R E D S

Yes a little steep-an awesome idea wish i had one for every year from the 70’s- i guess if you compare it to buying 4 beers at gabp then its a great deal and it lasts all season- i assume the autographs alone (2 votto, chapman, rolen etcc) would eventually b worth more than $30 you paid for the book- i love identifying autographs as well- anyways everything at the park is expensive whether a beer or bottle of water-

Very Cool! Got one for me and got a Kids Book for my 8 year old. Enjoying doing our books together. Wish this existed in 1990!

Parking at the Red’s game $30 (each game), Beer, Peanuts & Hot Dogs $50+ (each game), Passport Book $30 (1 time per year), Autographs, Validation Stamps, Pictures and Memories…PRICELESS….

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