Since starting Better Off Red just a little over 48 years ago, I’ve been getting a lot of very nice emails from a lot of very nice people.  I thought now is as good a time as ever to take a moment and say thanks! 

Here are some of the more recent messages and photos that have flown into my inbox…

Hi Jamie,
Happy new season to you! And what a great way we’ve started off! I wanted to submit a few pics to you to add to the Reds Cap Club and to show the magic red shoelaces live. In the first picture is my boyfriend Tony. He is from Dayton, but lives in Colorado. On a recent visit he bought a new lid to show his Reds loyalty to all the Rockies fans back in Denver. The second pic is of the group of us girls at Opening Day, right after the Ramon Hernandez Miracle. It’s Kelly, my sister Karen, me and Whitney (her first Opening Day ever!). It was worth sitting in the cold wind to see that game. The last picture is of my magic red shoelaces, which I know contributed to the good vibes.


Thanks for all you do and Go Redlegs!


Great job on the blog and pictures Mr. Ramsey! My boys and I checked out the pictures from spring training. We saw the “Mohawk of Destruction” and my 6 year old informed me that he is going to get his Jonny Gomes Mohawk again when it gets warm outside. He’s a big fan of his. Keep up the great work.

Stephen M. Mowery


Hi Jamie,

I took the attached picture of Jay Bruce hitting a home run in Pittsburgh on May 3, 2009. I used a technique called hdr tone mapping which makes the picture look more like a painting or a sketch. I think it is really cool and just wondered if you might want to post it on your blog.  Thanks.

Jeremy Davis


You may remember I mentioned that at the end of the clinch game last September I was approached by a gentleman from the Reds Hall of Fame who asked if he could have the “Congrats” sign I had made to possibly use in a museum display.  Well we went to the HOF today and lo and behold, there in the exhibit on the 2010 season was my sign!

You can also see Julie and I in the big mural photo of Jay Bruce crossing home plate.  We’re easily spotted because I’m holding the neon green “FUNKBLAST” sign and Julie’s holding the now famous “Congrats” sign.

Go Reds!


This is my son Kade on his fourth birthday. He received the hat and wristbands from his mother and me, while he received the Reds bat (and a ball) from his aunts and uncles. He is a huge Reds fan and loves watching the game on TV with me.

Proud Reds Father,
Mark Fightmaster


Hi Jamie:

Greetings from New England!  Old time member Luka age 16 months is happy to be cheering on the Reds for the second season in a row! He is 1-1 on opening day w/ his Reds Cap.  Keep up the good work!




Here are two pics from Opening Night.  Not sure if the Chiquita hats qualify or not for the Reds Cap Club?  Casey and Kaylie loved the Opening night festivities!!!

Kyle Williams


My Bronson who is 4! – Jessica


Just before game time…my daughter Bekah’s game face is a tad bit meaner than my daughter Hannah’s.  – beechler3


Hey Jamie
Some real cuties on the blog today. Inspired me.
This my grandson Quinn Fishman.  This is a picture of him e-mailing Better Of Red on his laptop.

Terry Eby


I”m wearing what is probably one of the best Reds Caps in existence! It’s hard to see, but the cap is hand signed by Marty Brennaman (left side) AND Joe Nuxhall (right side – faded), one year before Joe’s Death in November, 2007. Needless to say, this hat sits on the shelf…

Thanks, Jamie!


Here’s a photo of some Reds fans who’ve married into the organization!



The Reds Cap club submission is myself (Jeremy Shannon) and my girlfriend (Jenni Summers). I never thought I’d be lucky enought to date a girl who owns more Reds apparel than I do and who wants every date night to be at a Reds game.


Jeremy Shannon



This is my son Eric with his autograph collection he started at Redsfest and from the Reds Caravan stop. It’s signed by current and future HOF’ers but his favorite hands down is Chuck D.



If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice I refer to the Reds/BOR fans as “Fonzies.”  It’s a term of affection that I borrowed from Jules Winnfield because, after all, what’s Fonzie?  If you said “cool,” you’d be “correct-a-mundo!”

Thanks so much for the nice emails, everyone!  And many, many thanks for reading BOR!

I appreciate it very much.

Expect good news,


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