Statement From The Cincinnati Reds 

“On behalf of the Cincinnati Reds organization, at this time we are advised to not publicly address this matter because of the pending legal proceedings. However, we do not condone behavior of the type alleged, which is wholly inconsistent with the principles of this organization and our community and is detrimental to the positive direction we seek to follow. When the legal process has been completed, we will handle this matter internally.”

 Statement On Behalf Of Reds Pitcher Mike Leake

“Today, Mike Leake was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of theft from the Macy’s store downtown.  Right now, he has been advised by his attorney to offer no further statements on this matter. This case will proceed in the justice system, where Mike’s story will be told. Until that time, there will be nothing further from Mike on this episode until the court proceedings have concluded. However, Mike wishes to apologize to his family, the fans, Mr. Castellini, Walt, Dusty, his teammates and the entire Reds organization for this distraction.”



Surprising events, but I beg people to remember “innocent until proven guilty”…let’s not call for a head on a plate before the course of events unfolds. Speculation won’t help anyone in this case; not the fans, not the team, not Leake. I have trust in the justice system and in this club (and even in Mikey) that the right things will be done. Very smart for no further comment and the apology. Let’s try to focus on baseball…Go Reds! -IndyRedsGirl

Leake is my favorite pitcher on staff, so I hope this was just a misunderstanding. If not, I hear the Bengals need a new quarterback.

I agree. Not commenting further was a good decision. Nobody is sure exactly what is going on, but that is why we have a judicial system. If he is guilty he will be punished accordingly, but if he is not then his record will be sponged of any wrong doing. Lets hope that this is all a misunderstanding and the Reds get on track. Go Reds!

Innocent or guilty, ( and I believe innocent), doesn’t take away the fact that Leake is a great pitcher. Let’s hope for the best for this kid. Go Reds!!

This can’t be true why would he do it

I am a Sun Devil and Mike is also. We wish him the best because he was a great young man while he was in Tempe.

Sounds like you all feel petty much the same way I do and I’m relieved to hear that! I like this guy and don’t want to jump the gun and believe the worst! You’re all right… He’s a great pitcher; Let’s hope for the best; let’s focus on baseball… and GO REDS!

I really hope he is innocent. Either way as long as he tells the truth, he will get support from me for being honest. Not sure why a MLB player would do this, so it’s more than likely a misunderstanding. Best of luck! GO REDS!!!

Either you paid or you didn’t and Leake left and the store with six shirts that he removed the tags from and didn’t pay for them. Unfortunately the guy is an idiot and a thief. We CAN NOT have the Reds turn into the Bengals. We just can’t!!

I really thought Leake was a good guy and I was really rooting for him 2 keep a spot n the rotation when bailey and cueto come back. But. Now he has betrayed our trust. One only way I will ever have faith in you again Mike is for you to step up, admit what you did and be a MAN…I hope just this once a pro athlete will step up and take responsibility for his actions. Come on Mike!!

Unfortunately, The Lawyers are involved so he can’t step up and say anything now. So he gets to twist in the wind and be Public Enemy #1 – over $60 – until his inevitable sentence of community service. I think I would have quickly Twittered my full confession and took my chances rather than have this thing fester for weeks on end! lol

I wonder what would happen to me/what people would think if I “accidentally” took the tags off of six shirts in Macy’s and “forgot” to pay before leaving……oh, I only make $25000 a year and I’m a nobody! I bet people wouldnt think it was a mistake and say I was innocent until proven guilty🙂

He is sorry for the distraction? Im sure he wishes therre had been a better distraction so he wouldnt have got caught. No matter how this plays out I am dissappointed as you font end up with 6 shirts no tags accidentally

I think it’s a shame. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty, but if he was seen on the security camera removing tags and attempting to steal them, I’m not quite sure how much more evidence is needed to prove him guilty. What’s happened so far hasn’t happened on a whim or by accident. I hope that there is a valid explanation, but at this point, I’m not sure what that would be to prove innocence. The team doesn’t need this right now or ever for that matter. The Reds have a great ball club and great leaders. Let’s keep it that way!

Well, at least he leads the team in steals, if you count each shirt individually. We can only hope he shows up on Police Women of Cincinnati so we can get the whole story.

Here we go. Make excuses, blah blah blah. I will not be surprised if he plays the “mental problem” roll. The fact is he was caught on camera removing tags and leaving the store without paying for the merchandise. M-1. He will probably take a plea deal for unauthorized use of property, and pay a minor fine. fact is–he will now be known as the red with moral and integrity issues. The Reds should fine him substantially, and make him go back to the AAA to grow up and mature.

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