Here are a couple of videos from MLB that I think you’ll enjoy (click on the links below)…




Go REDS!!!!!!

Great video to relive opening day. Unfortunately, the second link doesn’t work😦

Hey Jamie that 2nd link got linked incorrectly!

Should be:

Is it just me or does the out takes only have music background and you cant hear what the players are saying? I was at Reds Uncut and you could actually hear what they were saying there. It made it even more funny.

copy and pasted (and corrected the link) to get it to work, but yeah, no player voices😦

I loved the outtakes at UnCut. I’m glad to see them here, now I can watch it over and over. The Super Hero was probably my favorite.

i could watch these over and over. The Reds should make more outakes.

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