From Fox Sports Ohio

Channel Information for tonight’s Reds, Blue Jackets, and Cavaliers Games
FOX Sports Ohio has an exciting lineup Tuesday, April 5, featuring the Reds, Blue Jackets, and Cavaliers. We don’t want fans to miss any of the action. Please check below for the programming details and channel information. 

Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros – 7pm (SD only)
Tune in at 6:30pm for Reds Live pregame show.
·         Southern Ohio / Northern KY – main FSOhio SD channel
·         Central Ohio – alternate SD channel:

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Dallas Stars – 8:30pm
Tune in at 8pm for Blue Jackets Live pregame show.
·         Central Ohio – main FSOhio HD and SD cable channels
·         Direct TV: 658, HD: 658-1

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Bobcats – 7pm
Tune in at 6:30pm for Cavaliers Live pregame show.

·         Northern Ohio – main FSOhio HD and SD channel
·         Southern Ohio – alternate SD channel:


So Cleveland gets to see the Cavs in HD, Columbus gets to see the Jackets in HD, but we in Cincinnati don’t get to see the Reds in HD???

I’m sick of sharing FoxOhio with the folks in Cleveland in Columbus. 99% of us here in Cincinnati don’t care about the Bluejackets, and 99.98% of us don’t care about the Cavs. The fact that we’re seeing ANY Reds games at all in anything less than HD is ridiculous in 2011.

I am just thankful with all that traffic I can watch my Reds anyway I can. HD is great but I can survive without it. GO REDS!!! Let’s make it another SWEEP!!!

Somebody tell me the game will be in HD for us southern ohio’ers…

Be thankful you don’t live in Columbus on nights like this. On Time Warner we get the last place Jackets, the last place Cavs, and NO Reds. Dumb. Thank god for Marty and The Cowboy.

The above poster is incorrect. Central Ohio will not see the Cavs. Reds on Alternate channel, Jackets on main SD and HD.

So, in Toledo we gets no Reds at all? 😦

Football season starts after the baseball season ends and I could care less about hockey and basketball. The Reds followed by any NL team is always my first TV choice! Looks like it’s gonna be an AL night.

I’ll be watching the pitch-by-pitch of the most important baseball game on!

Directv subscribers, if you’re subscribed to the sports tier package the game is scheduled to be televised in HD on Ch. 673. Also, is MLB Extra Innings still in the free trial phase? Ch. 735 is carrying the MLB-EI telecast in HD.

Time Warner says I get to watch either the Blue Jackets or Cavaliers in Columbus…both teams who’s seasons are basically over since they aren’t in the playoffs. What do the Reds have to do to get the respect? I want my Reds!

Where is the Time Warner FSO alternate channel??????

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